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  1. Hello, Are there any UI Editing Guides that cover: -adding UI -removing UI -general/quick understanding of what each line/numbers do in the UI editing -new action bars -new buttons -new hotkeys -maximize windowed -anything else related to UI elements like the escape menu or paperdoll, health bars, inventory, world map, radar, chest/container inventory Have not used Intersect before and am struggling to find a solid foundation to work through and learn on a beginner level other than world editing, i clicked the resources link on the main page hoping it went to a helpful place but was a broken link and chunks of the official documentation are empty. Am i going to need to learn how to edit the source to use most of Intersect? Is the forum the only safe place to get up to date info? I like the look of intersect but i worry im not smart enough to get going in this because it has a built in learning curve of lack of things to use to learn, that's my thoughts as i try to figure out how to edit the loading screen UI so that it feels like a comfortable workspace that im going to be reloading over and over, but i keep thinking of the posts iv seen where the theme is mostly going to be community related updates and support, asif the documentation has had chunks missing for a while and game making tools and tutorials are left in limbo with the abandoned youtube vids.
  2. Does anyone know what this video was about or another like it?
  3. The documentation has a bunch of stuff missing, it has gave me pause in using this game maker because iv seen forum threads asking questions like "what's the zone type do?" and people reply with the answer, but if you go to the documentation it has a paragraph that does not help you, along with a few other places with unhelpful information, not to mention the big chunks of empty "place holder", but the people helping others on the forum have no access to updating the doc? or no one wants to? I ended up in the forums because im not sure how out of date the documentation is, or if it was given up on.
  4. I imagine he asks for a team work type of thing, or the option to collaborate with multiple people world building in 1 project or just sharing cool dungeons n stuff? I'v known a few people who like to make worlds and wallpapers n stuff like that, in other games they call it seeding i think.
  5. Thankyou for this. Can i ask if there will be a font size changer in the future? I struggle sometimes with the tiny font sizes.
  6. I like it. Are those clouds or smoke? Can those lights in the gif be turned up a bit?
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