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Mythril Age Assets on Itch(includes Freebies!)


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Mythril Age is an idea I had for a game that ended up turning into something better. The assets I originally started for the game became assets for others to use as well. I release free and paid assets in hopes that it will help other game developers along their journey and I love when I see the assets being used.





I make free releases occasionally or when a certain patreon goal is reached. I will post them here as they are updated.

Mythril Age Tilesets - 13 sheets of tiles setup in an easy to use RPG Maker format. With these tiles you can create forests, towns, deserts, beachs, caves, and many other fantasy settings for your game.

Mythril Age Sprites v1 - 25 sprites to go along with the Mythril Age Tilesets! Each sprite is four directional with 4 walking frames.

Mythril Age SFX Pack v1 - 111 sound effects to be used in your games! I created these with an RPG type game in mind but that doesn't mean these sound effects couldn't be used in many other types of game as well. With 111 sounds, I'm sure you'll find some use for these. All sound files are in .wav format.

Mythril Age Spell Icons - 23 Spell Icons in the Mythril Age style. Each icon is 32x32 pixels with a transparent background.

Mythril Age Spell Icons v2 - 10 unique Spell Icons in the Mythril Age style with recolors for a total of 25 spell icons. Each icon is 32x32 pixels.




Youtube videos for both Intersect Tutorials as well as Mythril Age pixel art updates.



Intersect Tutorials. Total of 4 atm. Here is a link to episode 1


Mythril Age Master Tiles Expansion V2 video update





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Ok so I have made a few updates since I have last updated this thread. There is now a new monster sprite pack released as well as a major update on the Mythril Age Master Tiles Expansion! Feel free to check out my itch and youtube page for more info!

Here is a link to a video discussing whats new with the Master Tiles Expansion:






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