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Mapping Please rate my Map Blending!!


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I have been building a world using all open source resources with some adjustments.
Due to limited resources, I have used a tile blending technique much like that commonly used in Minecraft.

Any feedback on the outcome and if it works or not - would greatly be appreciated.

^Normal Zoom
^Zoom Out


^Zoom In

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50 minutes ago, CosakiGames said:

Thank you for your feedback.
You seem to be on the boarder, is there something you would do differently to help sell the look? @Kibbelz

Personally I would not mesh between different tilesets. You will instantly have more success.

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Would your approach be to start the mapping process over with much simpler tilesets?
Are there specific tiles that really clash? Or is the tile-blending not doing it and I should design tiles to blend the biomes?

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Thanks for your feedback @ODestroyeR BR

I agree it looks better zoomed out, and the last photo is zoomed in - so it may look confusing, I wanted to show the tiles without the interface.

I will implement some changes to smooth out the transitions and also clean up the plants.

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The rocks with the purple shadow stand out the most. It's obvious that they are not part of the same tileset, and should be edited to fit.My other critique is that this terrain is really flat.. I mean even 1 tile height cliffs would bring it to life. The detailing is good. I would avoid completely square edges, but thats me.

To edit the rocks, simply erase the purple shadow and give it the same shadow as the rest of the tiles. I would also give them more contrast.

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Well maybe it's just me but i really like the fact that the map have only one level. It seens a little bit like anbandonned project from ubisoft survived by. But this type of mapping pretty much only work for fast gameplay (almost spamming)

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The biggest reason I try to avoid different terrain levels is that it's too easy to exploit NPCs.
When I released a small game with similar concept using Mirage about 8-9 years ago, that was a big problem.

Though I still do think I can implement some that don't hinder game play.

The game is being designed to be team based, and semi-fast paced, so I do need to careful with the space/obstacles.

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