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  1. Your maps are coming together; don't forget to add the small details at the end to populate it. Keep up the good work!

  2. ODestroyeR BR

    Please rate my Map Blending!!

    When it's in zoom gets pretty pretty the map friend more when it gets close it seems that confuses a lot the mind haha Maybe a space between some lawn rocks plants or a little less square tileset would be perfect Most liked it very much
  3. ODestroyeR BR

    What do you think about this kind of graphics?

    cute looks with retro games
  4. ODestroyeR BR

    Hotkey Limit

    Thanks for the answer is tip I'll try here
  5. ODestroyeR BR

    Hotkey Limit

    Is it possible to limit the number of hotkey wanted only 4?
  6. ODestroyeR BR

    Help-me with graphics

    beautiful graphics for cartoon characters
  7. Wow, perfect world, where they are an open world Diablo Path of Exile where maps are areas or zones not an open world where we go through acts I would like to know the preference of you friends and opnion are welcome because you prefer each type of world and area, sorry English
  8. ODestroyeR BR

    Is there an offline installer for B5.1?

    This is my friend, just download https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/6a1e468a895abcd6a3e2d9a2e334052f.rar
  9. could in editors of item of equipment etc. have the possibility of adding a new item of equipment below those already created before example my healing portion occupies first item position I created new portion I would have to copy paste the items one below the other until I put the portion below the others and this gives a little work or even could right click button have the option to create copy paste cut or add new item sorry for english hope you understand me
  10. ODestroyeR BR

    Dev Blog 5/3/2019 - Combat + Event additions

    @ Kibbelz Great additions Does the effect of sleep have a way of getting the alvo to wake up when he gets hit?
  11. ODestroyeR BR

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    Diablo 2 I played a lot in dial-up around 2008/2009 server arena brazil
  12. ODestroyeR BR

    NPC Spellcasting and Spell Effect Queuing

    up amigo
  13. I remember in intersect the old versions of the intersect o NPC gained exp when NPC helped
  14. ODestroyeR BR

    Skill Animation Radius

    we want to create spells of impact that have animation on the target and spreads but all the targets are antigid with the same animation you understand what I mean
  15. ODestroyeR BR

    Skill Animation Radius

    Animations skill that targets single target and expands the damage to targets next to an explosion example instead of applies animation only to that target the area animation applies same to all targets would have to add this option so that the area magic applies animation only to that target and the target area damage is invisible sorry for english I'm using a translator