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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Online (french game)


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Hi all,

I'm french, so sorry for my bad english  :-[

PDMO (In french "Pokémon Donjon Mystère Online") is an A-RPG Online. This game is free and available in download soon.


1. Synopsis

Artefacts protected by Gravuis, guard of the gravity were stolen by the pokemon " Celestuis ".

The world balance of power is broken. Little by little, breaches were opened by Celestuis thanks to artefacts.

Further to the acts of Celestuis, breaches created dungeons occupied by malefic Pokémons holding the stolen artefacts.

Your objective? Be allies and find stolen artefacts.


Name : Gravuis

Type : Psy & ténèbres

Gravuis is the guard of the gravity.


Name : Celestuis

Type : Unknown

Celestuis is a Pokémon traveler of another dimension.

( Knowing that it is an A-RPG multiplayer, the story will be better handled in game)

Thanks to Boultim for the illustrations.

2. Gameplay

- System of quest and dynamic event.

- System of PvP and Guild

- System of craft and skill

- System of spell

- System of evolution for your pokémons.

- System of berry

- Animation of pokémons and environment

- system of group

- System of ranking of player and guild

- System of automatic event for the players (Guild vs Guild, etc.)


The basic system of Pokémon Donjon Mystère is to recruit other pokémons in her team.

What allows us to have an additional help in donjons. However, with a system like that, it is necessary to develop a very intelligent IA otherwise the gameplay would not be very interesting.

However on PDMO, it will not be possible to have pokémons. At least, not in this way.

The reason is that the gameplay which we want to develop will be more interesting to compared with a Dungeon traditional Mystery.

Our gameplay bases on a system of "essence" of pokémons.

The "essence" of a pokémon will modify the appearance of your pokémon, its spells as well as its statistics!

It allows to propose a richer gameplay in passing of a pokémon of type"plant" in a pokémon of type "fire" what can be advantageous against a boss for example.

3. Starters

1a7f407914.png  bb4ce5b84c.png  5a6eaf5940.png  8d1c15d58a.png  267be86a2c.png


41ba97e177.png  cf8402cd69.png  11881a19de.png  6724051dfa.png  027e6139df.png


ebad314060.png  146f7c6e05.png  fc01d034ea.png  7930f5c0e2.png  75c7fc872b.png


25a6e8d9e8.png  566920f750.png  d0987d9049.png  d61bc3d488.png  add748cc04.png

The level of evolution is different from a pokémon in an other one.

Every starter have 3 evolutions.

4. Screenshots

GIF -> http://www.pdmo.fr/Medias/EtangGIF.gif








5. Links

Web site : www.pdmo.fr

Forums : www.pdmo.fr/forum/

6. Recruit

We recruit a programmer vb.net.

We are organized, we have a todo-list with the priorities: http://puu.sh/jtMzw/4cf55b8022.png (this one is in French, for any questions I am at your disposal) A remuneration can be possible with regard to the made work.

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Very interesting graphics for a PMD game. I don't know if i'm still known in the PMD game community or how its developing nowadays since i've not been in it for years, but I know how to make all the systems such as recruitment and random dungeons etc. I can tell you how to do it if you're interested some time, however I don't have any time nor interest in the genre anymore regretably. I can send you an old copy of my engine if you wish to copy code (was written on eclipse 2.0 in vb6 however the syntax is very similar to .NET). I also suggest you target english since more people speak it and thus you'll get more players. Make speaking french encorraged in game. I wish you all the best on your game though.

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Hi, Kibbelz.

Thank you for your support

We do not use a system of recruitment or random donjon (maps is made overlay there mapping, this one begins a lot of time to perfect)

We are going to implant a system of random staircase (4 staircases on the map, 1 only taken(brought) out)

The player is thus almost obliged to visit all the floor.

We go, afterward (or for the moment, see) aimed an English community.

Thank you, I hope to see you soon IG.

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Hi all,

We recruit a programmer vb.net.


All flowers are animated.



Launcher, WIP.

I don't like typo.



WIP - Cloud.



WIP - Bamboo

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Usually I don't like the mixing of breeze and PMD, however you guys mixed the two genres very well, I'm impressed. I like the bamboo especially , do you have to cut it down to get to places? I wish you all the luck on your project and hope you find a programmer! 

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13 hours ago, The Dark Master said:


Sorry, I was just talking about the fact that he needs a vb.net programmer.

Because, I got some skills in VB.Net.

That's all.

But sorry again.

Wait a holy dick lickin' minute here batman... Are you DisiestMaster from the OG Eclipse Evolution and were you part of Pokemon Silver Mystery (PSM)?

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