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17 minutes ago, SCTrav said:

Hey Damian! I used your converter, which worked for some sprites and not for some, this happened to a few of the sprites: http://imgur.com/a/4N83g the one with 3 columns is the original

Looks like the old version is too large to be a VX sprite. I believe this is why you're having trouble. Cross check the dimensions of your original sprite and an XP sprite to be sure! Also cross check with VX sized sprites for good measure. Good luck and if this doesn't hopefully someone with experience with this converter can get the right answer :) 

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The thing is, they're all within the same dimensions. I checked with one of the sprites that wasn't corrupted(checked the old one of the corrupted sprite), and they fall within the same dimensions.


I just noticed that the sprites that are cut off like this are the ones that i messed around with in photoshop previously to get different colors. It would be cool if you knew what i could do to fix the problem, if not, it's not too big of an issue to scrap the sprites.

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Do sprites have to be a specific size for this to work? I tried using this with the High Fantasy resources for vx which come in different sizes  larger than the smaller vx people. The smaller sprites had the 4th frame cut off a bit and the large monster sprites had them pushed together a little too much like the guy with the dpi issue earlier in this thread. Thanks guys 

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13 hours ago, Damian666 said:

I didn't know there were different sizes lol

Yea but after trying to convert them again the different sized sprites dont seem to be an issue. Maybe i have the same dpi issue as the other guy because most of sprites turned out fine even the larger ones. But about 25% of them all different sizes have the bottom frame missing  (walking up direction)

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Thanks Damiam for the help. Unfortunately it did not help fixing my issue I am having with a few of the sprites. Can anyone help me compare what the difference is to a sprite that worked when converted to one of those that does not?


Posted 2 sprites of different sizes that worked perfectly in the converter. Also posting two similar sized sprites of the working ones that do not work in the converter 

Working - http://imgur.com/a/Z9LGQ

non-working http://imgur.com/a/GJt1L

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