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MV Tiles - Resized to 32x32


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11 minutes ago, Gibier said:


Why not trying the main link on the first post (the link will never be broke except if jcsnider or kibbelz delete it)

@Gibier it's because the main link on the first post is just the tilesets, I asked jesusbleach because i wanna try paperdolls. The main link doesn't. Sorry for not explain in the right way why i asked jesusbleach.

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I don't quite understand this.. aren't all rpgmaker tiles 32x32? (I've never used rpgmaker) Could someone also explain the differences between MV, RTP, and VX? All I know is that VX are like chibi characters, whilst the other two are tall characters?

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11 hours ago, Damian666 said:

with MV they moved to 48x48 sized tiles :)


difference is just looks, not much more.


I honestly can't tell the difference in looks between MV and VX, RTP look a bit blurry/artifact-y, if that's what you mean but that's because they're the really old gfx from like 2003? I guess I want to use the VX art then? Which one is the one with the big player sprites that are taller than they are wide? The ones that come with the engine.

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