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  1. Block Spell/Rune

    Why? You can't do two(or more) common events at the same time?
  2. Spells - What I'm doing wrong?

    @SCTrav EDIT: WORKED!!!! Thanks man hahahah
  3. How to use Z-Dimensions

    Yes @Teppy, still exist. Check this:
  4. Spells - What I'm doing wrong?

    Huum, I'll try here use items and events to teach spells, any tips? I will try spells in other versions of Intersect to know if it's really a bug from version 3.1. Tnx EDIT: Tried version 3.0, the same "Deleted" in Class editor. Sorry to post in Questions and Answers, maybe the right section is Bugs & Suggestions.
  5. I configure my spells, put in the Class, but never appear in the spell book. When I enter back in Class i got "Deleted" in Spell, maybe I'm doing something wrong? This is how I configure spell: Spell Editor > New Spell > Type: Tried all types > Icon: Put an icon > Put an Animation > Configure everything else > Class Editor > Spells > Add Spells (Tried lv 0, lv 1, lv 5) But nothing goes to Spell Book, I think I'm doing something wrong, because I saw a lot of people using Spells.. Can someone help me in Spells?
  6. items 12x 32x32 item icons

    @Gibier, have a way easier to cut all of them in 32x32? Or I need to do one by one?
  7. Diee's icon box

    Nice work @Diee, congratulations! One question, have a way I can use all of them, or i need to cut in photoshop one by one in 32x32? Cause I see in the Items folder, the items is one by one. Or exist a tool to cut all of them? Tnx
  8. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Thanks @PhenomenalDab Ah, that's why i didn't find the chat, because i'm new here hahahah Unblock me please @Kibbelz @jcsnider hahahah
  9. How to use Z-Dimensions

    I got a question, maybe a n00b question. I did the z dimension and it works ok. But how you managed to pass under the bridge when level 1 and over the bridge when level 2? I can only pass under or over, because of the Layer i put the Tiles. Tnx
  10. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Hey everyone! About me: My name is Yan, I'm 25 years old and I'm from Brazil. Sorry if my english is not 100%, i can talk better in IRL. I'm a Control and Automation Engineer. I had a startup for the last 14 months, worked with home automation, but because of disagreements with my partners we decide to end the startup, and now I decided to start the project I ever wanted, build a game, but as a hobbyist in my spare time (developing game in Brazil is not easy). And now I'm looking for a job, does anyone hire me? hahahah When i find a job i will donate! hahahah I can code in C/C++/C#, and starting to learn web (HTML, CSS, Java...). Good at Photoshop/Sony Vegas. I was searching for a good game engine, and i believe i found what i came searching in the last few days. My final goal is to develop a game where I can put the best part of some games that I have played before, such as Tibia, Ragnarok and WoW, but in 2D, focusing on the gameplay and fun, not the graphic. Making something like a WOE (War of Emperium in Ragnarok, its like a guild war inside castles) is my biggest challenge. Well, i'm open to make some friends, my Steam is (http://steamcommunity.com/id/yanzfroes/), if you want to talk message me or add me, we can talk from another app too! We can exchange some knowledge and I'll help what I can and we can develop together, code/develop alone is not a fun thing. As i didnt find any chat here, just the message and forum, i will make a suggestion. In the world of entrepeneurship and startups, we use a program called Slack (https://slack.com/is) , its a good way to talk and make project together, develop together, know what people are achieving. Maybe we could make a team over there, I believe it's a good tool for creating tutorials together and share knowledge. And it's a pleasure to meet you all!! Att.
  11. free Intersect | Flat UI Overhaul

    Nice work! Did you figure out the reason why Quest Log dont work?