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Found 13 results

  1. Hiya everyone, I recently did this colosseum track for the game I'm working on and I'd love some feedback on it. I'm looking forward to improving my skills. https://soundcloud.com/akemimusic/off-to-the-arena/s-vbRFCWC3a3i Stay safe!
  2. As the title says, this is my first attempt at making game music. I know its not very good but I don't think it terrible and I would like some input on it. Let me know what you like, don't like and what you think might make it better. Here it is, I call it Cheerful Day.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    music orchestal instrumental jas -free-
  4. In Ascension what is the best music format to use? I make my own music for mez game, so I figured it would be good to ask now as I am organizing!! The question arose when I was having trouble getting the music to show up while in the Editor! Thank you in advance!!!
  5. Hey guys! I'm working on a new project right now and I tried to put some music with map properties but I just can't... it just keep saying "NONE" When I try choosing one, but I got like 10 music in my foldier. I got the same problem with sounds, trying to add some sound to my animation but its just keep saying I have no sounds... Can you guys help me, thanks!
  6. I'm trying to use some songs from Assassin's creed. Is it illegal?
  7. Changed the config to play the menu music but it's not working with .ogg. Only having mp3 support would be the epitome of retarded, because .mp3 requires licensing to distribute in projects.
  8. Well, working on a couple music tracks for a project I am working on.... I'm no professional but figured I'd drop em here and get some kind of feedback. Track 01 - Item Shop Slop Track 02 - Its Just A Fantasy These are concepts, so changeups and fills will be added as well as extensions to the length.... enjoy
  9. Hey guys, it's me Maysoon, you know the best user here. Anyway I'm here to show off w/e music I've decided to arrange.
  10. Enervate General Information: Name: Enervate (Placeholder) Engine: Interesect Staff: WereAlpaca, (Could be you!) <write lore about the world> You will learn what it means to live in the harshest of environments. <write lore about the changing world> You will live in a world undergoing constant change, and you will adapt. Races: Classes: Creatures: Armour: Weapons: Combat: Spells: Examples to come Skills: Visual: Audio: Open Source Potential: Movement Pixel movement, and accurate targeting. Combat Skills as default attack, auto-cast feature. Required Extensive animation system additions, extensive sound engine additions, particle system. Fluff Dye system, lots of hair options, fashion options. Quests for funny items.
  11. Hey guys. So i've been working on soundtracks for projects on this forum but I have also been doing my own music. I have an album just about halfway finished and I dropped a single off of it. I know this isn't necessarily gaming related and i promise I won't do this EVERY time I drop a new song, but I wanted to show you guys what I do (PS, its a bit more poppy than most of my music, which is usually darker) heres the sc link:
  12. So, since the engine is in alpha stage, i got inspired and composed a track for my game Any thoughts? Here's the playlist of Old World's OST.
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