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  1. Do you have plans for webgl client, since you use mono?
  2. Ok it worked but still bounding boxes are small
  3. Soo I need to change sourcecode to achieve my goal?
  4. Not exactly that but it is cool :) you see that player sprite is the same size even if file is bigger. I want to know how to resize in game characters, bounding boxes etc. Also when you create npc from a big sprite is big in the game to.
  5. Is there a way and if it is than how to use player/monster/etc sprites that are bigger. I would like to use sprotes from unity asset: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/characters/fantasy-heroes-4-directional-character-editor-147364 Also I would lite to use the same more hi rez sprotes for background, anims etc.
  6. boberski

    WIP Veridian

    Can you share old gfx set?
  7. Confucius would be proud...
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