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  1. In a PvP (or friendly fire) multiplayer setting, yes. In a multiplayer non-PvP or single-player setting, no. In the case of the latter, there really isn't a means to exploit other players, so there would be no real issue other than the time it takes for the animation to complete. Another thing to consider is how hurt or "onhit" animations will affect the flow of combat, or the game in general. No matter how short the animation is it takes time and that affects how the game "feels." That doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad thing, but it is something to keep in mind. These points are true with regards to player hurt animations as well as for NPCs. Death animations won't really hinder much, so I think those would be fine, if you or someone else can figure out how to get them into the engine.
  2. Graal Online has an "onhit" animation. The player gets knocked back a smidge, a specific sprite is shown, the sprite blinks, their controls are locked and they are invulnerable for the duration. Players with higher speed will benefit more from a hurt animation as they have more time, so to speak, to move into position to continue attacking in a manner that puts their opponent at a disadvantage. In my opinion, a moderate knockback and a shorter freeze/invuln period would be ideal, if you plan to go that route. Players will find a way to exploit this in PvP.
  3. Hey, guys. I'm new to these parts and decided to create a thread to dump progress and stuff into. Right now, I'm just working on design concepts and framework. The goals of this project are to expand my logistical understanding of an online game, gauge reactions to my creative aesthetic and direction, and to serve as a piece of my portfolio. The only thing that looks good enough to show right now is the title screen, which I may end up changing now that I know a little bit more about customizing it in Intersect. Even still, I think it fits the overall theme that I've envisioned. If it wasn't obvious by the plot above, this game is going to be high fantasy with a tinge of futuristic elements. I'm not a great artist and that is the one thing that has impeded my progress, so most of, if not all, of the assets will be borrowed or modified in some way, with some of my own added here and there. Just a heads up, in case you recognize something. Title Screen:
  4. So, the problem here is that I need three different conditions, all of which don't appear to be in the list of conditions. The player issuing the command needs a branch, the player targeted by the command (if they're even on the map), and all other players on the map. Out of the condition options in the editor, I'm not sure which ones will allow me to specifically target the local chat of two individual players and then all other players besides them. Ideally, I would like the target of the command to not have to be a parameter, but the actual targeted (clicked on) player on the map.
  5. Oh! It was in the server config. I was looking in the client config. Thanks! I'll post back results once I've spent some time with it. :Edit: From the looks of it, the map sizes are shrunk considerably, which isn't a terrible issue, just means more maps. The one problem I've found is that base speed has become EXTREMELY slow and max speed feels normal. Is it possible to go beyond 255 speed or is that something I'm gonna have to wait on source for?
  6. Looking for advice on how to make my custom tileset work. The tiles are 16x16 and the editor will only select as low as 32x32. The obvious solution was to double the size of my tileset, but now everything is massive compared to the character. I'm going to be using custom sprites that are already designed to fit the tileset, so I guess I could just double their size as well, right? My only worry then would be everything appearing too close to the camera. Is it possible to change the default tile selection size in the editor?
  7. So, I'm guessing that means it's possible? As I am brand new to this engine (just starting playing with it this week), can you give me some sort of idea of how I would set up the event to display each text line? From what I can see, from digging around in it myself, there doesn't seem to be a way to designate text to only be seen by players other than trigger player or the target.
  8. Is it possible for an event to trigger multiple differentiated sets of text in the textbox? Let's say Player1 targets Player2 and does a text emote. i.e. /slap. Player1 sees, "You slapped Player2." Player2 sees, "Player1 slapped you!" All other players see, "Player1 slapped player2." Of course, each player would only see the text designated to them.
  9. I haven't tested this, myself, but I think you could just edit the server_strings.json file in the server/resources folder. Change "left": "{00} has left {01}.", to "left": "",
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