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  1. a thousand excuses, but it seems that this has already been corrected, in the previous version I had this problem, but I just did the tests to create the bug topic, but it seems to be fixed. doubts solved.
  2. The problem is when the item is in stock. for example I have 30 units of x item and when I use 1 ends disappearing the 30.
  3. How can I make an event item not consumable? or that it does not consume the entire quantity of the item?
  4. you could add / modify / enlarge the spells in area, placing so that somehow I can choose the area where I want the spell to be cast, not just being cast from the character.
  5. SkyZero

    I.A NPC

    The title apparently may seem somewhat suggestive and lead to misunderstanding. The question I ask here is, how to create 1 NPC so that it is intelligently, after changing the NPC editor I confess that I was very lost and my NPC seem very static, very dumb know, wanted to leave something more involving with the player, there is a possibility of some give a lesson, create a tutorial about it? teaching ways to produce good NPC with the current editing system.
  6. My intention was not to have several calculations, but just something that complements the damage base comprises?
  7. I was able to add 1 new type, but it does not give me the option to change the properties of the equipment. I hoped it would stay this way. Does anyone know how to do it?
  8. How do I add new equips slots? I even managed to put + slot, but does not appear the properties of the weapons, only the status bonus, how to fix this?
  9. I even managed to put + slot, but does not appear the properties of the weapons, only the status bonus, how to fix this? Admin Snip: This thread already has a primary question & best answer. Please make a new thread for different questions to keep the forum clean, and easy to navigate/find answers.
  10. how translate intersect engine 5.1 ?
  11. how to use this command? \param
  12. I do not know if it is a bug in the engine or ignorance of mine in the construction of the skill, but when I create an area skill and use it, the animation happens only when it hits 1 enemy, when in fact I would like it regardless of whether or not to hit an enemy that it appears in the whole intended area. What can I be doing to fix this?
  13. When I add a new item type to the server, will it automatically go to the client? When opening the item editor will this new item option be added?
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