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  1. Gwen

    Best member nominee poll

    Told ya!
  2. Gwen

    Best member nominee poll

    Panda i have you beat... i'm a sexy succubus that enslaves your mind.
  3. Gwen

    Best member nominee poll

    You are all lucky that I'm not in the running.
  4. Gwen

    The next project begins!

    I know... I thought i had measured a few times, but I don't know what happened. I think converting my plans from mm to inches, then having to adjust some sizes to fit my larger TV, but forgetting to update some of the other matching sides, and just being out of my element and being at my friends house getting "help" got me all confuzzeled. OH MY GOD this is expensive! I knew it was going to be expensive, but i didn't realize how expensive it was until I already jumped off the cliff. I probably could have got an older real pinball machine for the price I've dumped into this. Thankfully i have some things that i was able to free from other sources, but I still need to dump some more money in to make this super awesome. $319 - TV $70 + more for screw up - Wood $700 - rails, legs, bolts, buttons, plunger, digital plunger adapter, shipping I still need to buy solenoids, LEDs, paint, solenoid controller relay, LED controller, upgrade my computer, other toys like shaker motor and fans. . It's probably going to cost me about $12-1300 when I'm fully done, but i have enough right now to at least have something playable. This is what i'm striving for. He talks a lot, so you might want to skip around if you are not that interested.
  5. Gwen

    The next project begins!

    Ok so I got some wood and started building the cabinet. My friend had a table saw, so i thought it might be easier, and I would get better cuts with the table saw, but it didn't work out that great. I would have been better doing it myself by hand. I ended up screwing up some measurements, and wasted a lot of wood. Now i have to go buy some more wood. I was able to build the back box. This is the top of the pinball table. It actually turned out pretty good. I need to putty some spots where the wood splintered, and to fill in some small gaps to make it totally smooth, but overall not to bad. Back. The center hole will have a piece of wood on a hinge to close like a door. Front Side Here is all the wood for the cab... unfortunately two of the largest pieces are bad. Here are my gaming tins. Camera didn't take that great of a pic Here they are with the lights off in the room.
  6. Gwen

    The next project begins!

    uggg.. ok i'll create an Imgur account. hold on. ok does it work now?
  7. So my arcade table is like 95% done, but in my true ditzy nature i can never completely finish something without moving on to another project. Thus my next project is beginning. I got the basic parts I need, and just need to get some wood to build the cabinet, which I'll be doing this weekend. Ok boys... bigger is not always better! I had originally purchased a 43" tv, but i saw the 49" go on sale and figured bigger would be better. The cabinet that I am following was an arcade/pinball cab and had a 43" tv, but had an arcade panel at the front. I confused myself and figured i dont need the panel, i'll go bigger and get more screen to fill up the cabinet. I didnt pay attention that going bigger will also make it wider. Now my cabinet is going to be 2 inches wider than a normls cabinet, and i have to get a custom piece that is going to cost $50 more. The ideal size tv would be 47", but they did not have any. This is going to be my playfield. That's it for my pinball project for now. next week hopefully i'll have some more progress. Here is my storage bench i painted to be like space invaders for my arcade room. This room is so messy right now... i'm not exactly sure where i'm going to put my pinball cabinet. Here are my Donkey Kong shelves i made to keep up my arcade theme. Some of the gaming nick knacks More updates to follow! ^.^
  8. Gwen


    Wow guys you have done an amazing job. Your world map reminds me of Zelda a link to the past world map.
  9. This thing... Look at those beady eyes... its stares through your soul!
  10. Gwen

    Introduce Yourself Thread!

    Welcome Yanz. I miss my Acolyte and Priestess I ran a Ragnarok server for quite a while, and programed some casino scripts for it.
  11. Gwen

    XML question

    not working... i get this error "Additional information: Object reference not set to an instance of an object." It displays the correct information for the first entry in the xml file, and then breaks. in this section. The dEntries.add(data); is highlighted. if (data != null) { MessageBox.Show("Switch Name: " + data.Name + " Crc: " + data.CRC); dEntries.Add(data); } if i comment that out it will display all the entries in the xml correctly, but it then breaks in the second if (data != null) part when adding the data.
  12. Gwen

    XML question

    Thanks Panda, I'll give this a try! I appreciate your help!!!
  13. Gwen

    XML question

    Can you give me an example... Im not following. This always happens... i start off good, then try to add or change something to try to make it easier, then get stuck on something that should be pretty simple and get discouraged.
  14. Gwen

    XML question

    I thought that since I store the values into the list before changing the value a second time, it would just add a new entry with the new value. Since im overwriting the data, shouldint i only have one entry in my list. Why does it create the correct amount of entries, but overwrites the value in the list, when i'm not accessing the list data? i want it to read through the xml file, and grab the <game Name> attribute, and the <crc> attribute. I need to store that data as a pair in an array or list that i can iterate through later and put into my grid, that i have in my previous post. I want to store that data that is shown in the two messagebox images above into a list. read xml.. create object with .name, and .crc property store object in a list object 1 = obj1.name = "game1" | obj1.crc = "crc value" object 2 = obj2.name = "game2" | obj2.crc = "crc value" etc....
  15. Gwen

    XML question

    each entry shows correctly with the first messagebox. the second messagebox shows the brick wall 9 times.