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  1. im using Oracle Cloud VM and i want to make a public server, this is the first time I am doing this could someone help with the config for the "Server" and "Client and Editor" folder
  2. Yes, but I dealt with it in such a way that I created a new account on which I gave administrator privileges
  3. Is it possible to add the required lvl to an item in a fairly similar way to setting the lvl of an npc?
  4. After Client, Server, Editor Upgrade i can't log in
  5. I used this commands and i have now this Error:
  6. Mono Version: 6.12.0 Stable ( LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. mono "Intersect Server.exe" i have now this Error
  7. Hi, i have VM and i want make server for my friends (24/7) -OCPU: 1 -6GB Ram -Canonical-Ubuntu-20.04 what do i need to do to make a working server for my friends? Can any experienced person help me? My Discord: Manducie#8112 I am still active on it thank you in advance for your help and have a nice day
  8. Mono Version: 6.12.0 Stable ( LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. mono "Intersect Server.exe"
  9. Hi i want create server on VPS and i have Error in terminal can you help me?
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