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  1. No worries. Appreciate the help either way! Seriously, thanks again for making that GUI editor available. Even if I can't resize the Event Window it's worth it just to have that in my life.
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply! And thanks even more for your excellent GUI Editor - I didn't even know that existed until this post, but it's a great convenience. So the weird thing is, I've apparently been doing this the right way, and it's still not working. Here's how it looks in the GUI Editor when I try to change the 1-response Event Window: Looks right! That's what I want it to be like. But here's what it looks like in the game when I try to edit the .json file: Default window size remains. Another weird thing - changing the X and Y values for the Bounds of that window does nothing at all. I can make them whatever values I want, but the window stays where it is in the above screenshot. Changing the values of OTHER elements does change things, oddly enough. For instance, here's me setting the Y value for the Bounds of the Face Icon to 120: And you can see that I already changed the values of the Vertical Scrollbars to make them a little thicker, which worked fine. So I KNOW the client is accepting the changes I make to the .json file. More weirdness - when I try to edit the parameters for the 2-option Event Window, it also doesn't do what it's supposed to, but in a completely different way. Here's how it looks by default: Here's how it looks after I try changing the final value from 208 to 408: Doesn't get taller, it just goes up. And if I try to change the Y value from 346 to 546: Nothin'. Same as the previous one. Go home, Intersect, you're drunk.
  3. I'd really love to know this as well. I tried changing the values for a bunch of different size parameters, and I managed to resize and move just about every child element within the window but for the life of me I couldn't get the main window's size to be 40 pixels taller. If anybody knows how to achieve this, your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Is this a feature the devs would be theoretically able to add? If so, would it be something they'd consider implementing? I would really love it if this could be used! I have a series of icy puzzles where sliding in the retained direction forces you to cross certain paths only in straight lines. The sliding works fine for these short distances, it's just ridiculously fast. I'm not sure what the point of sliding this fast is, or how it's intended to be implemented when it looks like you're practically teleporting.
  5. Hey, I want to thank the OP for this. I've just implemented it in my game and it's made a huge difference in the continuity! Simple but very effective.
  6. Hey, thanks very much for replying so quickly on this. I appreciate you doing that while you're on vacation too, you really didn't have to! I'll go ahead and create a bug report on the tracker, gather the audio files and take a video or two. With any luck something in there will make it easier to figure out what's going on, and maybe fix what's happening for the other users. Enjoy your time off!
  7. Hey folks. First time poster. Very glad to be here - I have really enjoyed working with Intersect. But I've had repeated problems with the music looping. Edit: Forgot to mention this before but my OS is Windows 10, 64-bit. I started making my game in Beta 5. I'm an electronic musician, so I'm very familiar with how to cut songs to loop seamlessly - not a new area for me. I've been writing all the music for my game so far, and throughout my use of Beta 5, there was only one problem with looping. Like I said, in any audio editor or player my song files loop seamlessly, including tail wraps, but the game had always added a little jog (a few hundred milliseconds) of silence after the end before starting the songs over. Whatever - annoying, but doesn't destroy the game. Never figured out what's up with that, because it's not the files themselves. But I upgraded to version 6 Build 147, and now I'm having a new problem that's a lot worse. It wasn't doing this before version 6. I haven't changed anything about the levels OR the song files those levels are using, but now several levels in my game are looping the BGM's at the first or second -beat-. Very short, if seamless, 1 and 2 second loops of the first couple beats of the song. All the songs having this problem are 80 BPM, 1:36 in length, but that is the only consistent factor I can find, and there's another song in the game's files that is 80 BPM and 1:36 in length, but doesn't display this problem. The songs having this problem seem like they're being "auto-looped" in different places depending on the rhythm of the bassline/drums, which is interesting considering they're all the same length and tempo. This really feels to me like the game is trying to determine its own loop points and failing. As to why it does this with some song files and not others, I have no clue. The loops have decent rhythm, but they're only 2 seconds long, out of a total of 1:36. Details of the behavior of the problem: Starting the game client and logging in (when the player's last location was the level having the issue) will fix the BGM for that level, if it's one of the ones having the problem. It will not show the problem again until the player leaves the level, logs out, logs back in, and then re-enters the level that had the problem. If the player logs in while inside a level not having the issue, then goes to the level that is, it will always play wrong until the player logs in while they're inside the problem level. Furthermore - initially only two songs were showing this problem. When I removed them from the game's 'music' folder and set their levels to have no music, a third song started having that problem. When I removed that one, no other songs could be made to do the wrong-loop thing. Rendering NEW song files, with different file names, didn't help - the game wrong-looped them at the same points as before. When I tried rendering the song files -without- cutting them to loop seamlessly (leaving the remainder, so the song stops playing and all the echoes fade out) the problem stopped. When I did this, the song plays til all sounds fade out, then starts back up abruptly at the beginning. It plays all the way through, but now it loops like garbage and is far from seamless. UPDATE: I was wrong. On restarting, now even the songs with the tail-ends left on are doing the quick-loop thing. Right now, I believe that's all I know about this issue. Any insight into how the game does this - whether it is indeed trying to determine its own loop points and whether that can be turned on or off, or how it can be fixed - would be greatly appreciated. If I can clarify any of what's happening here, let me know and I will try. Very much appreciate the time and attention to this in advance.
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