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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, everyone. I work as a graphic designer and my main area of expertise is logos, followed closely by UIs. You can see my portfolio at where I also show the prices (menu bar, at the bottom in the red colored area) Here are a few recent logos before you check the portfolio:
  2. Hi, I'm currently open for commission. If you're interested, contact me via email ( or skype (revangale.c) My portfolio can be found here: General prices: Portfolio Testimonials
  3. Looking for Work

    Hey everyone, so this is the updated version on my hiring post. I decided I'm gonna continue doing extra work around the community for anyone who's offering any work for 20$ or more, the work helps me with my entertainment budget instead of taking it out of my usual check. So, This is now an official on going thing from me. He is the work I do: I primarily work in C++. I am also very familiar with C#, that being said, I also do work In visual basics.Net. I'm fair at security testing if you need me to write any hacks, cheats, or server crashes for your game so you can try to patch them. I've had a couple people ask me for that already. I am a software engineer as my actual job, I'm free to work most nights, just not Tuesdays. If you in box me, I will reply to you, usually within the same day. I am not looking for a full position on anyone's team, this is all simply commission work. I charge half in before source editing and half after. This is due to people sending me work, and deciding they don't want it done later. Please inbox me a full description of what you need done and I will reply with a quote. Edit: I no longer offer source edits to Orion+
  4. Vital-Design /// Graphic Design Services For Developers & Gamers /// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Is on Offer? Logo Design Service. UI Graphic Design. Social Media Branding. Forum Banners & Other Promotional Pieces. Ability to enquire for anything else. Previous Work? Below Is a small collection of previous work. I will be adding to this over the next few days recovering work from my college harddrive. What About The Prices? Knowing that most developers as well as gamers are on a tight budget the prices are kept affordable. But how does it work exactly? Every design category has a starting price, this is the base price and tends to be the final price unless additional design work or file formats are requested. The agreed price will never be raised before discussing the additional services and outlining the extra pricing with you beforehand. Base Prices: Full Project Branding (Logo, Social Media & Forum Banner) - $25 Basic Logo - $10 Full Custom Intersect UI Graphics (Includes everything in the UI Folder) - $100 Promotional Package (Forum Banner in 3 Layouts) - $5 Please note this assumes you already have a logo to provide to us. Social Media Branding (Youtube, Facebook & Twitter Banners, These also work on IndieDB) - $10 Please note this assumes you already have a logo to provide to us. Additional Costs (Optional): Changes After Final Approval & Payment (A few weeks/months after you ordered and received a design) - $5 SVG & PDF File Output (On top of the 300dpi PNG file you will receive the design in SVG & PDF) - $5 The Design Process? The design process is straight forward and aims to get your idea made and delivered to you as fast as possible. After emailing your idea to us we will get in contact with you to discuss this further and start design work right away. After creating the first draft design we will email you for any changes. After all changes have been made a final design proof will be sent to you for approval. Upon approval we will email you an invoice and send you the design file upon payment. Any Questions? If you have any questions feel free to ask them below and I am happy to answer. -------------------------------- /// CONTACT /// -------------------------------- --------------------------------
  5. Hello Everyone! Some of you may remember me from Eclipse and doing some custom work over there. Well I have since moved on and have moved here. I'm setting up shop here to allow me to continue what I love to do. Which is well Programming. Below you will be able to find my posts (mostly old tutorials for E0 2.0). Examples of Work Refined.NET - Still being developed. Refined.NET is an auto updater for programs and games. It allows you to download 1 file or multiple files. URL - Affined - Still in development. Affined is a C# Library, Simulator and Data Reader for a vehicles OBDII port under the dash. It will display information from your car and display it on any windows tablet or laptop or computer. You will also be able to see trouble codes and (if you are confident enough) clear them. Url - obd2py OBD2 to Python is a python application built for the Raspberry Pi. It will display basic and advanced information for your vehicle. The biggest difference is the interface used. I will be using tkinter where at pi2go used QT Basic Features: Speed, RPM, Temps for oil, coolant, intake, Engine load, Setting of mph, kph, Fahrenheit, Celsius Advanced Features: MPG/LPG, Trip Distance, Engine Time, Logging to SQLite, Fuel Level URL - CW Save - Name is in the works to change. CW Saver is a library file that contains different ways to save data. You can make use of SQLite, MySQL, XML and Binary Files. All you have to do is reference it and you will automatically have access to the methods to save, load, retrieve, insert, delete data. URL - About Me I'm a current Computer Science major with roughly 7 classes left to obtain my BS. I currently hold a position at a real estate agency as a web developer. Languages that I know are C#, Python, VB, VB.NET. I've been programming for about 6 years. Pricing/How it will be delivered/What will you accept? All features start off at $5. This price can be higher depending on the amount of time, work and research needed to add in the feature to your current game. The feature I add to your game can be delivered to you via document and you can add it to your current game or you send me a copy of your current source code and I'll personally add it to the source. As for work, I'll accept anything to do with Orion+ and eventually Intersect once released. Please note that I do have a life which includes a full time job, school, and well gaming. Request Template Name: (forum name) Email: (used for contact. if left blank will use sites private messaging.) Feature: (detailed explanation on what you want added) Engine: (what engine you would like it added to) Released: (do you mind if I release the source to the community? (No is only for you) (Yes it will be released as a tutorial) Payment Payment is due at time of delivery through Paypal. You will get a video of the completed work and once the payment is shown in my Paypal you will get the link to the tutorial, or link to the modified engine. Support Each feature you pay for will get 6 months of free support from me. This includes bug fixes and any other issue that arise with the added feature.