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    Looking for Work Host Here

    I was originally going to host dxxknight's game but he hasn't replied for 3 weeks, I know he did start a new job so he's probably to busy to work on his game now. Anyways, I have a basic AMD FX-8350 8 core 32GB RAM Liquid Cooled home server im offering up for FREE hosting, why free? My home server is online 24/7 anyways so why not offer it up for community hosting. Interested or have questions? Send me a private message
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    Game will mainly be medieval based since we have experience with Ultima Online, we will be using information from that (item names, crafting receipts, quests, etc..) but no physical items like images or animation will be used since that would be copyrighting and we wouldn't be able to publish. Map Graphics will be like the default tilesets that were included with the engine. Item graphics will be pixelated but after releasing the game as Early Access we may upgrade the images in the monthly updates. No set storyline yet, might have it as "player(s) is called upon to defend their world" type of scenario, map designer could develop a story as they build too. We are currently working on items / crafting and the GUI, I will post images of the completed GUI this weekend (probably Saturday)
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    I mentioned the map designer can create any style maps they desire and with each new monthly update a new map section "should be released" to keep the game growing with fresh content. @Khaikaa Answered the price section.
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    Our very small team stumbled upon Intersect Engine. We are currently a team of 2 developers about to start designing a game using this engine, we both have past experience with Unity3D, Ultima Online Sphere/RunUO Servers and Crypto Currencies, we do plan to publish what we make using the Intersect Engine via Steam for around $5-$10 (why not free?) we will continually be releasing a new update each month and like any worker would like to get paid for what they do, we both have around 100+ hours of free time per month to work on this project. We are looking for a lead map designer with similar free time to work on the project with us and will be paid equally from the steam purchases. *A small contract will be written to make it official outlining details about the project development and pay* Hired map designer is free to design the map anyway they like, we would like to expand the map as large as possible with a new map section added during the regular monthly updates. Hired map designer must have and know how to use FTP software (FileZilla) to upload any tilesets, avatars, files, etc... to our main server directory. If hired map designer finds tilesets, avatars, files, etc... that are paid and a must have we will purchase them for you to use. About Myself: My name is Kyle, i'm 33 years old, retired U.S. Army and currently employed with Amazon Fulfillment Services IT Department. I will mainly be working on the website (HTML, PHP, MYSQL) in-game scripting, art, music, GUI, etc...) About the Other Dev: Ian is 30 years old, currently unemployed attending college for Information Technology and also taking care of his dad who has mesothelioma , Ian will also be helping with in-game features and might help with some map designing if required. You can reach me by replying to this thread (i will have it open all the time and check on it regular) / through Private Message or email @ KAH112@icloud.com Edit: If no map designer is hired by March 15th 2019 we will hire someone from freelancer, since by March 15th a lot of the game aspects will be coming together