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  1. Haha, yes. It is indeed that theme but nonethless I did design the site myself: you'll notice the two sites do look different.
  2. Thanks, and yes I designed it myself.
  3. What do you guys think of my portfolio site (it's not finished yet).
  4. Haha, thanks! And, no I did not make the 3d assets.
  5. Just a few underwater scenes for a game I'm working on (I'm not comfortable announcing it yet, just want feedback on the scenes). What do you guys think?
  6. Seeing as other developers are posting updates, I shall too! Over the past few weeks I've been slowly working on the ArcWyre website and forums. I have setup a basic infrastructure (forum, blog, content management) and am now working on the higher level systems. Soon, I'll begin working on adding "colour" (theme) to the site. I plan on posting screenshots in the coming weeks but as of right now there aren't any screenshots to share. I plan on doing these website updates every week or so so keep an eye out! Thanks, GalacticGlum: Highly trained monkey!
  7. This is new information nonetheless congratulations!
  8. If it's open source I may just jump in and take a look at it (even though I swore to myself I wouldn't touch VB6 again)!
  9. Great work Kevin! Really nice job.
  10. The version of windows shouldn't matter, especially as it's C# .NET (and NOT VB6).
  11. Although I can't say when the servers are going to be back online, I do know that Azizele is working to fix it. I have already looked at the issue but unfortunately came to inconclusive end.
  12. Haha, alright!

    1. Goosius
    2. JimmyJumpdrive
    3. jcsnider


      Add On Error Resume Next. Works wonders. 

  14. @PhenomenalDev No, no, no..... I'm introducing myself as an ArcWyre developer. I'll edit my post and make that more clear