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  1. Why not just make on CharacterData component instead? I wouldn't be so frivolous on trying to make that aspect more generic.
  2. Showoff

    Haha, yes. It is indeed that theme but nonethless I did design the site myself: you'll notice the two sites do look different.
  3. Showoff

    Thanks, and yes I designed it myself.
  4. Showoff

    What do you guys think of my portfolio site (it's not finished yet).
  5. Game

    Haha, thanks! And, no I did not make the 3d assets.
  6. Game

    Just a few underwater scenes for a game I'm working on (I'm not comfortable announcing it yet, just want feedback on the scenes). What do you guys think?
  7. Seeing as other developers are posting updates, I shall too! Over the past few weeks I've been slowly working on the ArcWyre website and forums. I have setup a basic infrastructure (forum, blog, content management) and am now working on the higher level systems. Soon, I'll begin working on adding "colour" (theme) to the site. I plan on posting screenshots in the coming weeks but as of right now there aren't any screenshots to share. I plan on doing these website updates every week or so so keep an eye out! Thanks, GalacticGlum: Highly trained monkey!
  8. This is new information nonetheless congratulations!
  9. If it's open source I may just jump in and take a look at it (even though I swore to myself I wouldn't touch VB6 again)!
  10. Great work Kevin! Really nice job.
  11. The version of windows shouldn't matter, especially as it's C# .NET (and NOT VB6).
  12. Although I can't say when the servers are going to be back online, I do know that Azizele is working to fix it. I have already looked at the issue but unfortunately came to inconclusive end.
  13. Haha, alright!

    1. Marsh
    2. The Pop Punk Pizza Pirate
    3. jcsnider


      Add On Error Resume Next. Works wonders.