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  1. Hey, i got one I made but it's based on FTP. It extracts zips and has a very simple code. You can pm me I can give it to you.
  2. Crta


    This is so sick. I really like the idea of real time battles. Keep the work up It'll be a huge success.
  3. Wow! This looks so nice. Will give it a try.
  4. Crest read the thread before posting...Find other thread to be smart in. And just for you the language is vb6 and its massive eclipse upgrade with large amount of bug fixes and its completely modified.
  5. Yes JC.Everyone who is interested can test it on an open server.
  6. Well I must agree with you but as this thread is related to a Pokemon Game i just posted here it is discontinued and will be selling..And no as I wrote Graphics are not included so no sprites are included but you can easily find them on web. I'm just selling the engine with its features and some database other can be done pretty easily such as adding sprites and editing other stuff.If it bothers you I can just make a thread with "Monster Turn Based Engine" not a problem. Thank you for the feedback. Edit: Dont worry everything is legal except "Pokemon" in it. I said i can change it.
  7. No,the database it easy to edit...the sprites as well..only thing you need to edit in code is the MAX_POKEMONS constant if you want to change nunber of pokemons.
  8. If you are thinking of person who bought the engine releasing it for free then the price would be higher and he would basically be the new owner of the original engine.He could do anything he wants.
  9. Making profit of the game made with engine is allowed,but reselling the original engine isnt.
  10. If you are interested in buying and price just message me.
  11. Update: As the game will probably get discontinued because of a lack of time to work on it the main Engine and its source will be selling. The engine has so many features including gen 1-6,all pokemons,moves. Trading,evolutions,honey system,pokemon drops,item editor that contains every item type,NPC scripting,easy to edit and non crashing source. The price wont be near as low.This engine has got so much time and effort in it.If you are interested in this you can pm me and try the game out by yourself to test it. Buying this engine DOES NOT include graphics,maps,GUI or anything that in game (games content) based.
  12. Update:Fixed some server things We are now in closed beta with a server online! P.S Havent updated my sprite xD
  13. Update: Changed main sprite Added some new clothes Now spawns are more balanced Stage changes are also balanced Damage formula as well Reworked trainer cards (Now has new fonts and badge section) ... SS:
  14. Already saw that.It is great but I'm not pixel artist myself and i dont have any staff that is pixel artist also I dont wanna copy their sprite.
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