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  1. [WIP] Life Forge

    Yeah basically what Gravelord said. Life Forge is proof of concept, when I played it the first time and it got greenlit and everything I nearly cried haha. Its an affirmation of the ORPG community as a whole. I always knew it was possible, but I am very thankful for the great people that have made this game and inspire our hobby as a whole. Also farming and housing is NICEEEEEEEEE.
  2. Benben's Work [Tilesets Pack]

    Wow I thought some of these tiles were lost forever. I have the tiles from the second screenshot and used the tree tile from that screenshot extensively. Thank you for its origin. I will look into this further
  3. Concept Mine&Slash | Unique ORPG Game!

    Reading the description I was reminded of the game "Path to Exile" for some reason hah. Looks good so far by description, I agree with the above post
  4. Concept Zone Overview for Aegis

    Looks good! I really enjoy pixel art maps such as this.
  5. Site "Upgrades"

    New emotes!
  6. One In b4 Damian reply in next 10 mins
  7. WIP DBZ Renaissance

    Nice maps, even if using that tileset Looks like an interesting worldmap to explore so far. Project seems well organized as well with all the lists ect.
  8. WIP Nimue

    Very impressive The art style along with the sprite size gives it a very unique game feel, great job with that. I will be keeping my eye on this project. Any ideas for endgame quests ect. ? Good stuff.
  9. Retro Fonts *Beep Boop* (TrueType)

    Nice font Thanks for including all the assorted information as well o7.
  10. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    Style 1 is from "Mother 3" aka "Earthbound 2" and was originally designed to be played on the Gameboy Micro, which has a screen size of 2 inch. So super tiny and I personally think that style doesn't look the best at large resolutions. Even though its a beautiful tileset. I've seen you come up with good maps and tilesets before so keep on mappin, good stuff so far.