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  1. Good folks, AGD seems to be in good hands
  2. Grats on Greenlight!
  3. Spicy, keep the updates flowing buddy!
  4. Grats on 1k members AGD

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    2. Giligis


      Noticed this morning I believe! Congratulations guys, that's an awesome milestone! 

    3. Henry


      *cue emotional music*

    4. Kibbelz


      Just wait for the big boom when Intersect goes greenlight haha

  5. Impressive ingenuity!
  6. If any of you havn't played LifeForge. I suggest you go play right now. Game is great. Played for 5 hours my first day
  7. I agree with this sentiment. I am eager to create an intersect game, but things are already amazing, I can wait a bit haha.
  8. Awesome game, played for 5 hours today.
  9. Game

    Good stuff I would recommend making a short 30 second summarized version as well Game looks great!
  10. Better than me Sky, I solo Q too much lemme group with ya for some games bahahah
  11. Yeah a bit, getting used to the new patch changes for the new season in a few days
  12. Yeah the market for PAL and JP NTSC games is usually quite different than for NA NTSC games unfortunately. Price charting is growing so fast and adding features all the time however, I wouldnt be surprised if they added JP and PAL region games soon. But I feel that, I hope they add accessories soon as well
  13. I just wanted to share a video game collecting resource with AGD. Pricecharting.com is amazing. They have line graphs of value of certain games over time, ebay tools, lot value calculators, and more. I love the site and recently found it a few months ago felt I would post it here for any that were curious. Its interesting to see what games are going in value the most quickly (Sega CD and NES are both good from investment standpoint according to the line graphs.) www.pricecharting.com