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  1. Looks great! Would like to see some new classes that are not re-colors.
  2. i sent you a pm Lyoko.
  3. I have already mentioned this suggestion to Jc, but I figured I would post any who. So my suggestion is to add an option to just make a shop able to buy any item back from players. Instead of having to manually enter every item a player could sell back to a shop. This would be nice for general stores or games that allow players to sell all items back at the items valued price.
  4. Congrats Panda, well deserved.
  5. Maybe setting your tiles to smaller 16 or 8x8 will make it easier to achieve.
  6. In the intersect editor, select content editors and select class editor. Here you can create classes and determine which classes start with which items. So you can have characters start with cash. As for npcs that drop money, Select npc editor in the content editor drop down menu. Create and npc and within the editor is options to add items that drop upon death.
  7. Somebody call the doctor, Dr. Suess or Dr. Ruth
    I’m so out of my fucking rocker any fucking doc'll do
    I let the choppers loose and then I smoke a rock or two
    And spend a hundred grand on a one-legged prostitute

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      @Niko What happened to Nicotine Fiend mane?

    3. Niko


      He still exists. Don't get to record my h now. 

  8. You must have something configured wrong in the quest editor or another. Screenshots of your events and quest editor setup? Also what version are you running?
  9. The login and level options are common events. You want the normal event editor.
  10. Events can open them lol. I think he is asking if an actual npc can open them. I explained you can make an event with a sprite sheet to create an event driven npc. But in the actual npc editor, you cannot set the npc to open a shop. I must have worded it funny... I would imagine they never added the NPC type "Shopkeeper" because you can just call it from an event that has a sprite as its image. So there is no real need to have that npc type.
  11. Hello, my name is niko. Are you working on a game with intersect?

    1. Sfortune


      Hello Niko,


      No I am not currently working on a game using Intersect. I'm developing my own MMO engine using VS2015 C# with Lidgren for networking, and MonoGame for my graphics. I'm currently looking for a new GUI library since GWEN doesn't work so well with MonoGame.

  12. The action button in intersect is E I believe. This is used for attacking, interacting with events, resources, crafting tables and picking up items when standing over them.
  13. Currently Npc's cannot open shops, or call events(as far as my knowledge goes). If you wanted a shopkeeper or an event driven npc, you would simply create an event and use the sprite sheet for your image. Spawning an npc at players location would probably be the only way to do what you want. Otherwise I'm thinking a source edit would be necessary. To gather the player coordinates and spawn an animation or something, and a crafting table. Like I said I do not think events and shops are possible with npcs because of the ability to use events to create event driven entities and shopkeepers. For now You could always set static heat sources and fires in main locations across your world. Which you have unlit, and require the player to have a tinder box, twigs/logs and the food item in order to use the fire-source. Or have it already lit and require the player to feed twigs or logs in it every item. Something like this.
  14. I think you need to distinguish the arms better on the side movements.
  15. Would most likely need to edit the source. Your using eclipse? I don't believe there was an option to change colors, so i imagine the source.