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[WIP] Enervate


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General Information:
Name: Enervate (Placeholder)
Engine: Interesect
Staff: WereAlpaca, (Could be you!)

<write lore about the world>
You will learn what it means to live in the harshest of environments.

<write lore about the changing world>
You will live in a world undergoing constant change, and you will adapt.



The world of Enervate is held up by three races: The Chioni, Karvou, and Expia. These races are all aligned with an element, giving a very slight advantage to the dominating element during combat and interaction. These elements however, do not affect other humans. This is because humans are perfectly in balance with all elements. You will choose which race/element to embrace.
Element of Air
Element of Fire
Element of Water



Three energies hold together the balance of the world: Repara, Saik, and Dihtru. These three energies exist within all sentient life; the energy takes the form of three small crystals deep within the body of their own creation. The sentient being must align with one of the three energies, this allows the being to hone the power of one small crystal. In order for the being to take control of that power, they must undergo many mental and physical trials in their young age. You will build masterful control of the crystals deep within your skin.
Novice Mage
Weapons - May use all Novice Weapons
Armour - May wear all Novice Armour
Spells - Spells to introduce the player to all three classes
Skills - All world skills will fall under Novice spells
Instruments - Ukulele for spells, various for skills
Repara Mage (rep-air-a)
Weapon Right - Projectiles
Weapon Left - Sling Shot
Headgear - Wizard Hat
Spells - Healer Class
Instrument - Piano
Saik Mage (say-k)
Weapon Right - Wand
Weapon Left - Shield
Headgear - Mask
Spells - Damage Class
Instrument - Guitar
Dihtru Mage (dee-true)
Weapon TwoH - Battle Staff
Headgear - Top Hat
Spells - Tank class
Instrument - Bass




Most creatures lack the ability to hone their crystals, and they rely on their natural element and physical abilities for combat. Some creatures are born with naturally powerful crystals, and this allows them to manipulate the three energies in the form of magic. You will be trained to stop these unfathomable beings.

Examples to come

Examples to come


Examples to come




Cloth armour is the only type of armour available to each class. The only class specific armour piece is the headgear. The reason I chose to use this method, is because I feel it will keep the market for items extremely competitive and fast moving. Common armour will have controlled random stats like most loot systems - except they can be used by every class. I feel this also opens up another avenue of trade. In addition, headgear will have class specific stats only, this makes collecting that perfect set of armour more attainable throughout gameplay. Lastly, having only one piece of armour class specific, we can make special sets available for all classes with ease! The headgear would be the deciding factor for which stat bonuses the armour set offers. This allows for everyone to enjoy content equally!

I understand that many people stress the importance of player customization and variety, that's why the cloth armour will not be the only thing that affects the way the player looks. There will be several features implemented to give players control of their characters identity.



Most of the weapons are made of wood and nearly raw materials, this is important for both gameplay and lore. The energy inside you is strongly connected to the world, so by using the earth as an extension of your body, it allows for a natural flow of energy through the object. This also allows most weapons to be crafted without convoluted crafting and gathering systems. Late game there is potential for metal, stone, crystal, and several other additions. However, I simply want to focus on early game above all else.



My intention is to have combat nearly 100% magic based, with focus on world interactions controlling the battle. All three of the classes have weapons that allow for very diverse skill sets, I chose these weapons for very specific reasons. Let me go over some of those reasons:

Sling shot
The sling shot will allow the Repara Mage to cast very fast acting spells, it will also allow the Repara Mage to have an extended rage - casting spells where the projectile lands instead of where the player stands. With generic stones, the Repara Mage can enchant them with spells for serious damage. The Repara Mage does require a projectile for each spell cast, but this small disadvantage is hardly difficult to manage. Even though the Repara Mage specializes in support, this does not mean they struggle in combat. With several spells directly affecting the target, the Repara Mage can consistently control the battle.

Wand & Shield
The wand and shield make for a deadly combination when in the hands of a well versed Saik Mage, especially late game. The wands small design allows for very fast spell casting, while the shield allows the Saik Mage to move very freely. While in lower levels the Saik Mage can only wield very natural and weak shields, this is trouble because it requires the Saik Mage to focus magic into their shield to improve blocking. To avoid overusing MP the Saik Mage is very notorious for using odd movements. In higher levels the Saik Mage isn't nearly as mobile simply because they gain access to full metal shields, which are capable of deflecting most magic with ease. This allows for a lot of the Saik Mage's power to show late game. Yet, that doesn't mean the Saik Mage doesn't have a few more tricks hidden up their sleeve.

Battle Staff
The Dihtru Mage is well matched with the battle staff. While the Dihtru Mage is brilliant at drawing enemies in, they must also be brilliant at keeping said enemies from tearing them apart. With strong AOE skills, the Dihtru Mage can manipulate the movement of most enemies. With resilient protection skills, the Dihtru Mage can withstand a staggering onslaught. The battle staff is created with these high capacity skills in mind, this helps the Dihtru Mage stay protected. Despite the Dihtru Mage being proficient in large capacity skills, that does not limit the Dihtru Mage in solo combat. With focused attacks the tide of a battle can be turned very quickly, these focused attacks can serve very valuable in tight situations.

Examples to come


Skills will all fall under the Novice class, this will allow equal opportunity for every players. Skill will generally be separated into three stages: researching, gathering, and processing. I have grouped Mining and Smelting into one branch, as long as it has a concise flow I'm happy with it. However, before I hear all the sighs come blasting through the internet - don't forget this world is composed of a strong magical presence - none of these activities have to be boring or repetitive. This is a very basic outline, and I wish to have a lot of fun when putting these skill branches together.

Research Phase
No Skill > Mining
Mining requires the player to learn the basics through an NPC, upon completion they receive the Mining Skill. This adds the ability to mine with a normal pickaxe. A book on mining will be given to you for future reference.

Gathering Phase
Mining > Blasting > Smelting
Once a specific mining level is reached, you have enough knowledge to develop the magic mining skill called Blasting. You no longer need to carry pickaxes, and replace broken pickaxes. You can also now learn the basics of smelting through an NPC, upon completion the player will receive the Smelting Skill. This allows player interaction with furnaces. A book on smelting & blasting will be given to you for future reference.

Processing Phase
Smelting > Fusing
Until you learn the magic of fusing, you can't combine stones or crystals to make more powerful upgrades. Mining and smelting will be easy to modify later to add new features, but I'm happy with it thus far.



The visual style of this game will be primarily composed of low resolution sprite work. It is my goal to involve several artists for commissioned pieces in the game. However, the visual side of the game will remain lack luster until the gameplay is refined and enjoyable.
Map Example



One of my initial struggles was not knowing how to design all of the sound effects for the game. So I'm making instrumental sounds for all of the classes, enemies, and npcs. This is because I have many years of experience with music, and I feel it will add an interesting feeling to the game. This does not mean that all sounds in the game will be instrumental, I will still have to hire a professional for a large part of the game audio. I put together 8 examples, so everyone can get a feel for my approach. These are very rough cut, and not meant for the final game.
Guitar Samples
Ex1: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/bcd31554904ae095066187728ff4ef8a.mp3
Ex2: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/94299b0c795bb3c0c21d0367860c1c24.mp3
Ex3: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/40c11c95b0669dc2687c56018842130d.mp3
Ex4: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/0c4e5bdd861d8ce6edc747ccb3aac56d.mp3

Bass Samples
Ex1: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/6dfb287a43647cd340d02262d003b494.mp3
Ex2: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/4c3e41a1847e0301a4ebaa13e0413bf2.mp3
Ex3: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/f038970c9c8e3a85891594ff22581e43.mp3
Ex4: http://www.ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/6aed4ec7387ef7eef203f2ca5166d5b7.mp3

Open Source Potential:

Pixel movement, and accurate targeting.

Skills as default attack, auto-cast feature.

Extensive animation system additions, extensive sound engine additions, particle system.

Dye system, lots of hair options, fashion options. Quests for funny items.



Current Goals
 - Start developing techniques for creating animations
 - Fix weird transparency on paperdolls, may be Expia specific, test thoroughly
 - Fix female paperdoll eyebrows, add the extra pixel, check male paperdolls inconcistency
 - Look into changing lower animation into casting animation or line up lower animation with character sprites
 - Sprite a grayscale version of each class lower animation
 - Create basic face for both genders
 - Create three basic enemy concepts LV01 LV03 LV05
 - Draw up concept art for the three enemy concepts
 - Sprite out basic sprite directions for LV01 enemy

 - Pump out as many terrain and world tiles as possible, always.

No Specific Order
- Look into hats leaning on front of head like a mafiosa
- Look into having multi-layered paperdolls for one specific item/hair/etc
- Sprite LV15 armour pieces

Pending Goals & Why
 - Sprite four common weapon sets LV1 LV5 LV10 LV 15
               - Need to decide if attacks are animated - positions and frames

Slashed Goals
 - Finish female player doll
 - Plan out four common armour sets LV01 LV05 LV10 LV15
 - Plan out four common weapon sets LV01 LV05 LV10 LV 15
 - Plan out the first four spells for each class LV05 LV09 LV12 LV16
 - Sprite three common armour sets LV1 LV5 LV10
 - Create default hair. Separate for genders
 - Start resizing completed assets - integrate into engine
 - Create 3 races with specific style
 - Recolour armour sets so they're not purple, green, and gold
 - Resprite all pants to reach the bottom of the feet
 - Sprite boots for armour sets LV1 LV5 LV10
 - Boots layer on top of pants
 - Rename spells to have no elemental references


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2 hours ago, yeroC said:

I'm guessing you've updated the post since Damian has seen it, approved, best of luck! Did you make the pixel art? I like the style! 

I've made everything so far except for the trees and rocks. :) Rocks will be changing, and I'll be adding more variety for trees.


Thank you guys! :) Happy to be finally sharing

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On August 17, 2016 at 3:29 AM, Dr.House said:


I see that as well, kind of wierd! Definitely a placeholder, but nice catch! Cheers!

On August 17, 2016 at 4:19 AM, PhenomenalDev said:

Thank you! I'm a musician at heart, so I'll aim to impress :) Demo is a ways off, but I look forward to it as well. Cheers!


Any Mods/Admins want to move this to low effort? I went from no jobs to three, would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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@WereAlpaca Low effort is for projects that are badly formatted and have low quality and not enough info so this should stay here when it sits around for long enough it can be moved to inactive projects

Edit: if this every comes to tuition I would be happy to be a mod I have nothing better to do xD (I'm a alright mod used to be one on mpgh until I resigned)

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2 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:


I'll keep you in mind :) once I have my personal schedule sorted out, I'll put up a recruitment post. 

51 minutes ago, Murdoc said:

Loving the classes and general feel. Keep it up.

Thank you Murdoc! I'm always inspired and I'll keep to it. Cheers!

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