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[WIP] Empires of Eradon


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For over 100 Years now the land of Eradon has seen peace, prosperity, and the growth of many kingdoms. In this new age of peace eyes look across the land, anxiously waiting for old enemies to arrive at their doorstep. An uneasy silence looms over the land, plaguing all the true kingdoms of Eradon. From the Human's Imperial City all the way to the forests of the Elven Wildlands, a shadow of war beckon from afar. An evil menace from across the sea threatens the peacefulness of Eradon and the stability of it's greatest empires. An evil so great that this world may be consumed entirely... The fate of this world rests in the hands of a few brave heroes. Heroes who put their factional and empirical differences aside for the better of Eradon.


Will you rise above the rest, and rid Eradon of Evil? Only time can tell.






World Map:



Map (1).jpg

The world of Eradon as it appears in game (close enough to use as a guide) please note there is also a South continent to this world that will be created after the completion of the northern continent.




General Info:



Empires of Eradon is a fantasy Online MMORPG developed by Golden Realms Entertainment. It takes many aspects of popular ORPGs and mixes them into a unique a visceral experience! Using old-school sprites. The game takes places across the lands of Eradon as not only empires but factions and evil forces threaten the very stability of world itself. It's up to adventurers like yourself to set out on a quest of self discovery in this land which is new to you. A land where anyone may become a famous knight, wealthy trader, or feared murderer.

*Please not that the game is currently in Early Development and is far from complete in many aspects but a public dev server is needed for client data.*

All features listed below are features that will be available on Full Release, not all of these features are currently available in the game - but most are in one form or another.




Launch Day List:



  • 6 Standard Classes.
  • Choose a Class Specialization of one of 3 unique Classes for a total of 24 different Classes!
  • Select one of 5 unique races each with their own unique traits, lore and influence!
  • Roam the seas using your own Ship! Explore new and untouched areas.
  • Huge open world with lots of open areas and environments both above an below ground!
  • Lots of story line quests and side quests to partake in alone or with a friend!
  • Balanced and charted combat system that has carefully been fine tuned across all classes.
  • 4 Gathering profession that anyone can access!
  • 8 Crafting Profession each with their own unique Crafting Quests, Advancement and more!
  • Join an Eradonian Guild (NPC Guild) to gain access to unique features!
  • Fun, Complex and Intricate instances to challenge and motivate groups of players!
  • World boss events and world boss locations for high level parties to take on!
  • Instanced (Private) housing and Public (In-Town) housing options!
  • The ability to make or find furniture and objects to add to your housing!
  • Trading Card Items to collect featuring a 1 vs 1 battle arena to use cards in and win packs!
  • Party and Trading system
  • Hundreds of unique enemies!
  • Over 1000 Items already planned! (including armors, weapons, quest items ect..)
  • World PvP, Factional PvP (GvG), 1v1 Arenas, Free For All Arenas and Capture the Flag Arenas!
  • Fully functional chat system
  • Guilds and Guild Management system (Post-Release)
  • Full Auction House system (Post-Release)
  • Friends panel to see if any of your favorites are online!






Download Links:

Download Link 1 ~ Sourceforge

Download Link 2 ~ IndieDB



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After lots of work on the original project for this game, it was scrapped due to technical limitations. I gained tons of experience in the process though and a while back decided to start making the game again from the ground up with the new 1.9 engine. (Was using 1.6 before?) Anyways with the coming release of Intersect 2.0 and hopeful unlocking and completion of long awaited features, I thought now would be the perfect time to do open testing. So sever is up, game is playable to a point. (1 class is playable for now but next update will make 2 more classes playable ((even though they can all be chosen)) ) been putting over an hour of work in every day for the last month so daily updates will continue from now until 2.0.

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1 hour ago, Murdoc said:

I quite like the classic pc game look you have going, and it seems like you have it well planned out. Good luck on the project.


Yeah it's going to have a sort of 90's visual MUD feel to it with more functionality of course.


I appreciate the kind words!

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20 hours ago, yeroC said:

I agree with Murdoc, did you make those GFX yourself? Looks great, best of luck with your public testing and eventual launch! 


No a majority of the graphics are currently from a Public Domain sprite sheet but myself and someone else is using them to create a new original set for this game. A whole bunch of original art is already in the game in various places, it's added as it's made so some things clash at the moment but that's expected.


14 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:

Maybe just me but I kinda hate those character designs they look unnatural and like they don't fit into the game world.


If you're used to playing more modern RPGs the design can seem a little off-putting and I can totally understand that, as a fan of older RPGs I think this sort of aesthetic brings up fond memories of text commands and the like. Also,  you're right to notice the contrast between character and world as I am actually using the tiles in unique ways to give it an original look. Instead of instanced buildings they are all 'cut-off' and always open, kind of like The Sims (for a crappy example). I'm using much more detail than most Visual Muds which makes the characters look stale in contrast. Fortunately making 'cosmetic' diversity is very easy and rewarding, meaning nobody will look the same and everyone will strive to get those "flagship" items. (in theory) In conclusion I totally understand what you mean, I guess it would appeal to people who like MUDs and Visual MUDs, thanks for the feedback though I appreciate it!


9 hours ago, Vus said:

The game looks great, best of luck with the development.


Thank you very much I appreciate that!


7 hours ago, SkywardRiver said:

Looks very MUD like. Looking forward to trying it :D


It does carry itself that way I have to agree. I'm going the extra mile to add a lot of "Inspector" details and text-feedback via colored chat text, the more the better in my opinion! ^~^

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9 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@ValiantNorth Whilst I feel the way about the chars that I do, I do like the general look so I will try the game :P also noob question but what's a MUD?


A MUD is an acronym for Multi-User Dungeon a Multi-User Dungeon is a text based multiplayer adventurer game that usually took place within a DOS Prompt (Ghetto right??) So basically it's all text, there is no GUI or game world to visualize, it's all written in descriptive text.



If you're used to newer games, you may almost take it for granted that graphics even exist in the first place, this how people MMO'd before the days of Visual Online adventure games. Obviously as time went on people realised how much better a MUD could be by adding a Visual Component and thus the Visual MUD (Or Dungeon Crawl) genre was born. Usually sporting little to no graphics these games still relied heavily on text descriptions but features a lot less guessing and checking since you could see where you were going.



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The project looks really nice. Reminds me of RoTMG (Realm of the Mad God) which is cool!

However I do recommend getting a personal website/forum set up as I feel like the sourceforge forum isn't appealing >.<

Good luck with this project, can't wait to see more!

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17 minutes ago, Essence said:

The project looks really nice. Reminds me of RoTMG (Realm of the Mad God) which is cool!

However I do recommend getting a personal website/forum set up as I feel like the sourceforge forum isn't appealing >.<

Good luck with this project, can't wait to see more!


Hey, thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it! I actually am In the process of making a real forum, I've been working on it for the last few days and I was going to link it once it was finished - which shouldn't take too long. Sourcefourge is the main hub for the project though and all updates and stuff go through there - the forum was only temporary as I wanted to see what the Forum widget could do.... turns out it can't do much LOL

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5 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

But then you are just wasting money with a server?


I'm using a free PHPbb forum, so no I don't pay any money for the host. One of the reasons I wanted a forum right now was to have somewhere to host the Server Status page., I'll probably get a unique link if the game ever has a constant population.




Also updated OP with the new World Map.

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