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HandShake Error




I've trouble while running server on a server windows 2012

If try both :

Used the source code and compiled myself the engine, i got handshake error

Try the prebuild version, handshake error.


If i run the server on my computer, all in local, client and server work


If i run the server on my vps, i got the handshake error.

=> All the version build is the same

=> Port is open

=> No firewall issues


I also get this error when in server side when i launch the client :


2023-07-01 22:41:23.488 [Error] MissingMethodException: Méthode introuvable : '!0 System.Linq.Expressions.Expression`1.Compile(Boolean)'.
    Stack:    à MessagePack.MessagePackSerializer.CompiledMethods..ctor(Type type)
   à MessagePack.MessagePackSerializer.<>c.<.cctor>b__45_0(Type t)
   à MessagePack.Internal.ThreadsafeTypeKeyHashTable`1.AddToBuckets(Entry[] buckets, Type newKey, Entry newEntryOrNull, Func`2 valueFactory, TValue& resultingValue)
   à MessagePack.Internal.ThreadsafeTypeKeyHashTable`1.TryAddInternal(Type key, Func`2 valueFactory, TValue& resultingValue)
   à MessagePack.Internal.ThreadsafeTypeKeyHashTable`1.GetOrAdd(Type key, Func`2 valueFactory)
   à MessagePack.MessagePackSerializer.Deserialize(Type type, ReadOnlyMemory`1 bytes, MessagePackSerializerOptions options, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
   à Intersect.Network.MessagePacker.Deserialize(Byte[] data)


Can you help me please?

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5 hours ago, Arufonsu said:

Like @panda said:



After looking at the stack trace I think that it might be the installed .NET Framework versions because it's a standard library method that is missing (in this case, LINQ). The method in question was added in .NET Framework 4.7.1 and .NET Standard 1.6 so I think that JC's response was probably correct. We should see if we can upgrade to the absolute last latest version of .NET Framework supported by Mono (4.7) to avoid issues like these since other people have run into issues where they needed to install multiple versions of .NET Framework to get it working (version compatibility table).

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Are you using the same build of the client, editor, and server together?

If you use the prebuilt, all parts must be prebuilt.

If you compile yourself, all parts must be compiled yourself together at the same time.

You cannot mix a prebuilt client and a custom server, or a custom client and a prebuilt server.

So that I am not lying, technically speaking it is possible to mix the two. But it requires decompilation, and that is difficult, strongly discouraged, and we do not provide support for that.

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