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  1. Hello I've an issue when i making the gui. I've edited the OptionWindow.json See this pic : The problem : I want the ControlsContainer had an image, and not had a "transparent" background. I"ve try lot of solution, but nothing work.. I've try to had : Normal Image Hovered Image BackgroudTemplate Texture I don't had anymore ideas EDIT : I've searched in OptionWindows.cs in the source code, but same..
  2. We need to see the error, can you past your logs/errors-Intersect Server.log ?
  3. Work on MariaDB ! Mysql was the problem so Thank you
  4. Hello, I've tried with a both fresh data and fresh source I've tried with the stable build (Intersect Engine Build 3 Full.zip) I've tried with the developpement build from github, ( with compillating myself the server, and i've tried with the main branch from github too But, it's the same result, all time got the same error My MySQL database is in 8.0.21 I also try to use the migrate command, but it's the same result
  5. Hello With the developpement branch of Intersect, and a fresh start, i'm unable to connect the server to an MySQL database Version Database need to be upgraded Error : 2021-01-18 23:41:19.648 [Error] GAMEDB: 20102 - Failed executing DbCommand (3ms) [Parameters=[], CommandType='Text', CommandTimeout='30'] ALTER TABLE `Npcs` ADD `Color` longtext NOT NULL DEFAULT '{"A":255,"R":255,"G":255,"B":255}'; EDIT : Even with the main repository, same bug
  6. Where is the doc ? https://docs.freemmorpgmaker.com/dev/
  7. Hello, Today i want to share my project with you. Unfortunately, the project is in stand-by due to lack of time, but I still wanted to show what I had done Website (Intersect CMS) Launcher In Game It was obviously planned to modify the graphics of the tchat, of the menu. The spell bar had to be divided into 2 parts (one above the health, one above mana) It's been almost two years that I have the project in mind, but still the lack of time (and team ahah!) You will notice that I changed the logo of the game along the way! The real logo is the one on the site What do you think ?
  8. You talk about the "Entity Options" ? I've an another issue, my animation had an infinite loop, even if in the animation options in 'loop count' I enter 0, 1, 2, 3 ...
  9. Ok so ! It's a list of some idea i've ! Most of these ideas, I can do them myself, but I still prefer to post them for others who do not have knowledge in web development. Administration - Manage "tech" player (Exp, Vital, Sprite, Class, Position etc..) - Manage "account" player (Password, Username, email.. banned or not - Manage player variable - Manage common variable - Manager server (restart, makepublic/makeadmin) - Send announcement to the server - Manage translation (cms_lang) - Possiblity to easily change the shop system for owner (Dedipass, starpass etc..) Shop - Promotion system (like 15% etc..) - Activate/Desactive item (just a simple db change with 1/0 system) Translation (Issue) Missing french translation of : - No user with name ' '. - Invalid credentials - Title "Error" Settings - Change "type=text" of "name="api_password"" to "type="password"" - Maintenance page (only admin can see the site and connect to server) News : - Comment for news - Manage comment news for admin/mod - Like system (news/comment) - Categorie - Planify news - 2 Image for news (One for the header on the news, one to display on the index) Market system : - See picture
  10. Hello ! I've try to make a chest system with animation. So I created a "chest" event with the tileset chest-closed, when the player uses the action key, I want it to trigger the "chestopen" animation. Until then, everything works The problem is that the animation is playing behind the tileset of the chest, so I modified the different layers, and the animation is therefore played in front of the tileset of the chest, but also in front of the player's sprite ... I tried all possible combinations, I can't manage to make the animations play ABOVE the event (the chest therefore) but BELOW the player Am I doing it wrong? Do you have another solution for a chest "system"? Do you know if there is an implementation in the editor to create safes more simply?
  11. Don't forget to tag the "best answer" for close the topic !
  12. Yes ! I found it before you post ahah Had you any plan for integrate other solution ? Like Starpass, Mobiyo, Paypal ? With little search, i found dedipass look like a scam for vendor ! I don't know if it's a bug or not, but : When you change the game name on the administration, the game name in <title></title> don't change, you need to change the value on the cms_lang on database ! I'll post soon a list with idea and some feature i think can be interest ppl Actually a screen with little modification :
  13. Hello Can you explain how to change de shop ? Actually the service is connected to you (I guess) from dedipass. How can i setup my service ? What is the redirect url to check if the payment is good or not?
  14. Yes, i've up some limition and now run without problem. I've some questions : For the shop, we need to go manually on ur database for get the Item ID ? For the image, actually the path is /assets/general/gamedata/items/ But the folder does not exist, do we have to create it, and manually upload all the items we want in store? Ty !
  15. Mmh.. I don't know if it's the cms, the api, or my server but Many times, when i actualise the page, it's said "Server offline", i just actualise again, and say online, etc etc.. It is possible the api think we try to flood the access ?
  16. Problem solved by adding ALL .xml file and .dll in the same folder of my Intersect Server.exe I think my Windows Server miss some dll (like System.Net.Http), including this files on the same folder solved the problem.
  17. It's really strange, because the same .exe don't work on the windows server, the problem is obviously when the api try to listening on the host i think.
  18. I'm on a windows server, all work great, it's just the api. Actually my localhost don't target the folder of my server, it's target another website. It's why i ask what the "hosts" need to target on the api ? I think the problem is just because the api can't resolve correctly my "localhost:5400"
  19. On my personnel computer, the same .exe work fine with api enable But on my dedicated serv, it's bug, i think is a problem on the configuration file but i don't know what. Maybe a stupid question, But what the "Hosts" need to target on the api.config file ? Because i run a lot of server (sql, web, multiple website etc..) on my server
  20. I'm on the last build of dev branch
  21. Yes, i don't really modify a lot of thing on the server I've just modified the assembly version
  22. Hello ! I've a little issue when i try to start the api on my Server -> Any idea ?
  23. Thank you a lot, i'll check that and share template if i've times !
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