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Hello everyone !


I present to you my last tool, dedicated to the fast administration of your game, the installation is fast, it requires on the other hand the activation of the API on your game server.


What does the application allow you to do?

  • List of characters,

    • Ability to ban, mute (100%),

    • Ability to kick and kill (100%),

    • See character Inventory and Bank (100%),

    • Allow to give/take item to the character (100%),

    • Allow to change character variable (in progress).

  • Accounts list,

    • See basic information (100%),

    • Allow to change account email (in progress),

    • Allow to send reset password email (in progress),

    • See accounts logs. (100%)

  • Online players list (100%),

  • Guilds List (100%),

    • See guild members (100%)

    • See and edit guild variable (100%)

  • Global Variables List (100%)

    • Edit in real time global variable (100%)

  • Languages supports :

    • French,

    • English


The application includes an automatic update system, so you will have the latest features on time.


Important :

  • Actually ban and mute feature can don't work on last stable version and on pre-release version,
  • Guilds List and Global Variables List is not in progress for now, links on menu is disabled,
  • The tool was tested on a very small database, the elements may have display problems, but I made sure that everything is correct.


Images :






Support :

If you encounter a problem, contact me privately, with full details of the action to take to reproduce the error.


You can also open a ticket on my discord server for more fast support:


Platforms :



First Patch Note the 09/12/2022 at 7:11PM (UTC+1 Paris) :

- Add Guilds pages,
- Updates players, accounts, accountLogs pages with an select for page if you have huge database,
- Update somes pages templates,
- Add kick and kill action but not work on last version of Intersect,
- Update player page template, after ban,kill,mute,kick,give item, take item action,
- Clear somes codes,
- Bug fix somes little issues,
- Update menu labels with more short name,
- Update translations.


Second Patch Note the  09/12/2022 at 9:43PM (UTC+1 Paris) : 

- Update Electron Version
- Try to fix auto updater


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Hi everyone, 

Patch notes of the 09/13/2022 at 1:00 PM (UTC+1 Paris)

- Add global variable pages with edit feature and reload in real time,
- Update translation.

You can download the update from auto update or if that don't work, you can re-download the setup.


Patch notes of the 09/13/2022 at 5:57PM (UTC+1 Paris)

- Add guild variable page with edit feature and reload in real time,
- Add search bar for search user or character,
- Update translation,
- Fix somes little issues,
- Add setting for change the number of items by page.

You can update from auto update or if that don't work, you can re-download the setup 


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13 hours ago, Siege said:

ok I see that from phpmyadmin I can see the ID of the items, sorry

Or in editor just right click on item name. 

Edit 2

Patch note of the 09/14/2022 at 4:48PM (UTC+1 Paris) :

- Somes bug fix


Edit :

I am aware of a possible problem at the launch of the application, I am currently working on it to correct the problem. 

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22 hours ago, Siege said:

in the editor?
mmm in an article? I right click and nothing comes up.

yes when you right click nothing say to you the id of the item/spell etc is copy, you just need paste logically.

Patch note of the 09/15/2022 at 4:41PM (UTC+1 Paris), 1.0.7 :

- Somes bug fix,
- Add Support page,
- Add Analytics system (can disabled in settings)


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Hi everyone, 

To everyone who have already installed the app, if you use last version of Intersect, for having support of https in the API, you need to go to %appdata% -> Intersect Tools folder -> config.json  and add "s" to the http for the app work on last version.
For peoples  who don't have Intersect Tools apps installed new update is avaible with on installation screen for choice between http or https version.

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Update 1.1.1 :

- Add new URL format for your API URL (Work now with Intersect Hosting).



Hello everyone !

I have update to 1.1.0 Intersect Tools, old installation don't allowed to get the new update from auto-updater need to redownload the exe file from new official link (from first post).
The version from AGD download page is not updated and i can't upload new file (error on upload) so it's version is NOT UPDATED TO LAST VERSION.

Patch notes :

- Change url for the auto-updater

- Fix the issue on the character items page, now you can go to bottom of the table, scroll is now available.

Another update is planned soon with certainly some Intersect Management connection.

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