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  1. I think it's not because of the dimensions, when the item has stats like % experience, tenacity, luck... those are also shown, I think the problem is just with the attack stats, ability power, defenses, and speed
  2. Hello, I have a problem in the crafting window, when the item to be created is an equippable object, it only shows the HP and the MP does not show the other statistics. I know that this can be corrected from a layouts. but I do not know which one. here's a screenshot: and here is a screenshot of the same object already in the inventory: note: this post has been translated from spanish with the google translator. I apologize if there is any mistake.
  3. Hello, I would like to know if there is a way to create another equipment slot for a weapon, but with all the weapon characteristics. I mean, that this slot also has the speed increase, the type of tool and more... I know that in config.json I can select which slot is for a weapon. but can i add another slot? for example something like "WeaponSlot": [2 , 20] I know that the example does not work and probably does not have logic, but it is to represent what I want Note: this post has been translated from Spanish to English with google translator, I apologize if there are errors.
  4. Hello, I would like to share some ideas that may be applied in the future. - Resources can be configured to randomly appear on the map. (like the npc) - The "Animation" of the events can be added, changed and removed from the commands - Increasing the character's stats through variables, for example, a player variable called HP, with a value of 10, this value is added to the player's maximum life. It can also be applied to the other statistics, attack, mana, defense... - The percentage of bonus effects can be greater than 100%, for example, that when equipping, the EXP bonus is 150% or 200% or more. likewise for the other bonus effects These are ideas that I think could be practical. I hope some are to your liking. Note: I apologize for errors in the translation. I did my best with google translate and my limited english. Thank you.
  5. I solved the problem. Thanks
  6. I'm trying with that documentation but it's giving an error
  7. Does anyone have a tutorial to use the auto updater?
  8. I'm now in and it's working correctly. thanks so much
  9. You see, in "Paperdoll" "Down" I have a "Wings" slot above the "Player" slot. As you know, this means that when the character looks down, the "wings" must be behind the player. when entering the game and looking down the wings do not appear instead they appear when looking to the left. It should be clarified that for this test, in the other "Paperdoll" ("Left", "Right", "Up") do not add the slot "Wings" As I say in the title, I'm not sure if it's a bug or if I'm configuring it wrong. but this bug arose after the update without making changes to the configuration. Note:I apologize if there is something wrong in the translation. I used google translate to translate from spanish. Thanks
  10. I made some Wings Paperdolls, you can see and download these here: Wings Pack 1 Wings Pack 2 Some Screenshot: if you buy, you don't need to give credits, if you use it for free, give credits to https://espectrow94.itch.io/
  11. maybe You have an event on automatic infinitely. it usually happens for that reason.
  12. Could you make a video tutorial on how to install it? I tried but I couldn't. 😖
  13. I like it, but it doesn't graphically show the item that the player will get when he stops spinning.
  14. I already did the roulette, maybe it's not the best, but it works for me at the moment hehe. Embedded Video Link
  15. Could a roulette wheel be implemented somehow? in which there are a certain number of different items and when falling into one of them it is given to the player? Some like that
  16. Could it be made that when equipping an item, it disappears from the inventory while it is equipped, and returns to the inventory when unequipping it?
  17. Could it be possible to define a different maximum level for each character class? For example, a "mage" class that the maximum level is 50, but when doing a certain quet, his class changes to, for example, a "dark mage", with a maximum level of 100. I don't know if it is currently possible since I don't see the option in the configuration files or in the editor. maybe it can be added in a future update.
  18. I present Lost Dungeon. It is an incremental RPG, based on the collection of items, either by eliminating mobs/boss or by collecting and improving the available systems. Current Systems: -wing system -Equipment system -Skin system -Wing System -Mount system -Pet system -Relic System -Profession system (in development) You can download it from the following website: https://espectrow94.itch.io/lost-dungeon where updates and events are posted. Note: This is a project in Spanish. This post has been translated from Spanish to English with the Google translator. I apologize if there are translation errors.
  19. I managed to download and update. Thank you very much for the help.
  20. Thank you very much. How can I download the new version?
  21. I save the file with these lines: "Instancing": { "SharedInstanceRespawnInInstance": true, "RejoinableSharedInstances": false, "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 1, "BootAllFromInstanceWhenOutOfLives": true, "LoseExpOnInstanceDeath": false, "RegenManaOnInstanceDeath": false }, once the server starts automatically it changes to "Instancing": { "SharedInstanceRespawnInInstance": true, "RejoinableSharedInstances": false, "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 3, "BootAllFromInstanceWhenOutOfLives": true, "LoseExpOnInstanceDeath": false, "RegenManaOnInstanceDeath": false }, the strange thing is that it only changes this part of the file. the other lines remain as I have them, for example, I have custom equipment parts. those don't reset.
  22. I am trying to change the default settings. "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 3, to "MaxSharedInstanceLives": 1; but when saving and starting the server, it automatically overwrites the default again.
  23. Hello, I would like to create passive skills, is it possible?
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