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Closed Alpha SilverShard Online - Classic 2D MMORPG


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SilverShard Online is currently seeking testers for our Closed Alpha test.


I am looking for a few testers for an Intersect based game I have been working on as a passion project over the last 2 years.
I have focused the playstyle to feel like that that of classic / early 2000's: Dynamic Class Group Content, Open Exploration, Crafts & Tradeskills, Detailed Lore & Story, Bosses and Rare Mobs, and No Hand-Holding.

Everything was done with a modern lifestyle and niche genre in mind: Content focuses on 2 - 4+ Player Groups.

I will be updating this post with more images/info as our testing progresses.

Splash Page: https://silvershardonline.boxmode.io/

Discord / Download :  https://discord.gg/Gbgxvdy5FR



AGD Dev Note: The source has not been changed yet.

If you are new to using the engine and want to see another example of what Intersect can do out-the-box, feel free to check it out.



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Reworked the first low level dungeon and ran a few tests of the mini-boss. a482094af00a37842a4eaa40b4b8efe4.png

Explore the Crypts underneath Oldtown and put the Impish Lord to rest!


Unlock the crypt's chamber and find a way to summon the Impish Lord.


Team up and take down the Impish Lord before his undead servants rise from their graves.

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