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Dev Blog 07/11/2016 - UI Upgrades, Combat Updates, and More!


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UI Upgrades, Combat Updates, and More!

July 11th 2016



The long awaited UI upgrades are complete! The default UI now looks a lot better, some windows have been redesigned, and now textures are loaded from external png images meaning that you all can re-skin the game easily whenever you'd like!


We've also improved targeting, fixed movement speed calculations, npc pathfinding, and a multitude of other bugs! 


When alpha version 1.4 drops combat will officially be ready and open for testing!



Content/Show Off











Whats next?

Introduction of blocking projectiles and basic attacks with shields facing in a target direction! (Still)

Event system and class editor upgrades (better face options). Kicking, banning, and more!

Action text during combat, max hp/mp calculations, and hp/mp regen.


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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Awesome and I really like it that you made it so UI is loaded from pngs externally. Can finally get in on designing some UI for fun (although i'm gonna change how UI is positioned when source is released)

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