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Lets team up to help with testing


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Hi everyone,


As many of you already know, last updates are being a bit troublesome. In my opinion this is totally normal since I dont think anyone more than the developers are doing any testing.


We already made a testing team for b6 and we made an awesome work finding bugs for the devs, and I think we could do the same thing for the latest releases. It won't be very time consuming, we would just make a little discord server(or using an existing one) and test as much time as anyone can, 5 minutes of testing are better than no testing at all, so don't worry if you can't spend too much time doing this.


My idea is to write all the bugs we find and send that list to the development team as they wish(both opening bug reports on github or sending a txt file with all detected bugs would be cool imo).


We could try to make the testing work this weekend.


I'll ask for the discord accounts of the interested ones between today and friday and we will do this through a discord server. If anyone has any suggestion or idea or anything you can post it here or send me a pm.


Lets help the devs again!



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im testing a lot of things on the engine every new update

and reporting all the bugs on the tracker

Its an awesome help to the devs 💗

For anything my discord its: Kamus#9312

My main language its the spanish but i can speak english very well (?

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Add me , I'm from the Hispanic community but I have no problem using English, I have development experience and maybe I can even look directly at the source code for possible solutions and share them with the main devs.


My discord is: Blinkuz#2171

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