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Need Help [paid]Looking for a pixel artist


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My suggestion would be to wait a bit until you have the basics of your world/game thought out and can present your unique ideas and such a bit. It is difficult to find a pixel artist that would be excited about the project when we do not know almost anything about it. :) 

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23 hours ago, DeathBugDev said:

The post was created? I need a reference

Sorry I my games not ready enough to be revealed yet. But you can PM me what you can do and I'll send you some references 

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4 hours ago, Daniele Santana said:

Send me a message on discord saying what you need and examples, I'm in some projects here on the forum at the moment and depending on what it is, I can find free space in my time.
Daniele Santana#8672


I will personally vouch for this person. Daniele does some of my art and it's outstanding (at least in regards for my project).

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