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Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

I added a new item, its those blue under suits that they wear under their armor in the Cell saga.

I also added a blue GI and white boots and gloves.

The reason why I don't want to add complete sets of armour is that it is now possible to mix and match your own set. This way it is a lot easier to make unique looking characters.

Some examples with just these five items that I have now:






I added armor too:

Goku needs to cover himself up:


Now with gloves and the under armour:


And finally all together:




Again showing that you can mix and match. This one is wearing a GI, over it the newly added saiyan armour with shoulder pads and some gloves:


And now my favourite addition:

The Oozaru Helmet! (I am planning on adding funny and cool helmets as cosmetic items, kind of like TF2



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Thanks. Are you talking about the black hair? Because I did that on purpose to keep the style simple. Makes it easier for me to create more content. Also I tried and with my skills it looks better without shading

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Welp. I hope it's okay I am quadruple/quintuple/etc etc. posting


Animated fully clothed Namek:


Tried to make better Super Saiyans as the previous ones were extremely ugly. I found someone who made a Goku front facing sprite so I tried to copy that one:



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Its pointy in dbz. Looks a little bit better too, now that i had some time to think about it. Only because of the way i made the roof the house cant be bigger than this.

I kept both on so I can use it to make some sort of seaside town

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