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Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke


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Hey all, I've been continuing streaming a bit for fun and started a Nuzlocke pokemon series run through. The first episode from my live stream has been edited into a youtube video and I would greatly apreciate any feedback and constructive critisism you guys could give me. See if its worth me continuing, I had a lot of fun. I have currently played up to the 2nd gym badge just have to make the rest of the content into ~20 min episodes. Anyway, heres the video :)











Edit: Episode  4 added to main post!

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1 hour ago, jesusbleach said:

LIKE !!! youre cool

i wanted to do a serie with someone about pokemon , but i havent friends to record :(

Thanks! I'll keep going :) You should give it a go, its really rewarding releasing somthing on the Internet for the entertainment of others!

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