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Concept Zone Overview for Aegis


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Hi. For those of you don't know, I'm working on a game called Aegis with @Ghostly and @BiGG. We don't have a thread yet because we're working on preliminary things while waiting for Intersect's source to come out. Nonetheless, earlier today I was working on some lore/backstory for the game, and I made a zone overview for the game world. It's a pretty big image, so be sure to zoom in and scroll around to get a better look at the text. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/suggestions about the overview or the game feel free to ask!



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4 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

This game sounds interesting as hell and I'll make sure to try it when it comes out :O, are there any plans for fast travel and how far along is the game asset wise?

Fast travel between the major zones will be available after reaching certain parts in the quest line, so that it's easier to travel back to places you've already fully adventured through. 


Regarding "intellectual assets", all the classes, spells, skills, and crafting recipes for levels 1-40 (the max level) are done and created. All of the zones are layed out, now it's a matter of filling them with quests. The 1-5 zone, for instance, already has a nice google docs file with every quest in it explained and laid out. I got a very good start on the lore of the game today with this and some other things I worked on too. 


In regards to actual art assets, we have a really good base going that we can expand off easily when we start needing to. The main character sprite is completely finalized and animated, much of the base tile set is done and can be variated on. All of the items for levels 1-5 are created and just need to be paperdolled. 


For the alpha we want to have a completely fleshed out level 1-5 experience and I'd say we're about half way there given everything we have. 

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On 9/10/2017 at 11:11 PM, gallighan said:

I really like to see this side of development, not just a pretty interface or big maps and systems for the players, but rather a part focused on the history of the game, lore etc. It was very good, congratulations and I hope to see more of this project.


Good work and seeya!.

Could've sworn I replied to this when I liked it, my bad.


Thanks! I'll go more into the lore in the future once the game is a bit more developed along but I like to have a preface to make the world seem a little bigger and the player's actions to have motives, etc outside of just leveling and getting loot.

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