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AQ ENGINES : The evolution !


AQ Engine is devided into two creators : One for your Orpg 2d game and the other one for your custom 3D Game


2D AQE :

Features :

-Dynamic day and night system

-Character customization

-Unique weather system

-Open source ? Who knows

-Skill trees 

-Smart NPCs


-An extra super mega map editor ( surprise for later )

-WIP ( fast updates and bug fixes)

-A GUI lol




-3D animation effects

-Combos and realistic fight system

-Parties , teams etc ...

-GUI always being updated

-Any other thing that you would expect from a ORPG creator

-Your suggestions


Screenies :









The inside of the game is still looking draft , I'll be fixing that and then showing you how things look like

More screenshots are coming ...



3D Engine : WIP ( Not yet available for preview )


I won't be updating this topic often due to the lack of my time , but I'll still be working on it .





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