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  1. Free Undertale MMO Serverfiles + Client

    How did u added sound effects?
  2. Die sound effect.

    Hi, if i have a sound effect, how do i make it with mobs death? For example if i kill bear then the sound effect will start playing.
  3. Where can i change keys?

    Thanks but is there any way to set custom keys as default? So if i share my game then custom keys already works.
  4. Hello, right now the item picking up is with spacebar and attacking is with right mouse click. Is there any way to change all the keys? And how can i change that if i click on a mob or player then i also can attack him. Right now if i click on a mob or player it will just show its info, not attacking.
  5. [Requesting] Tilesets, Fonts everything

    Sorry forgot to change.
  6. Hi. Well i have a school event next week and we have 10 hours to make a simple game. So I request all tilesets, fonts and everything you dont mind sharing with me Game is not going online and will be deleted, its just for school event. - Thanks to everyone who shares his resources with me.
  7. you asked for the server, now is working :) i answered you in the post.

  8. Making server public problem

    Yes i tried turning off firewalls and antiviruses. (The thing is i live in a quarter. 1 of my neighbours owns the internet. I do have the modem and we share the internet to 2 or 3 more people. The main internet comes by my neighbour. Im not that good in English so lets just say that 1 of my neighbours owns the internet, the neighbour who owns the internet gives it to me and i share it to 3 more people.)
  9. Open Beta Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    I tried the ip its not working. Whats the port?
  10. Open Beta Undertale MMO PeopleTale (SOMEONE DID A STREAM!)

    Can i join? Whats the server ip and port.
  11. Making server public problem

    Yea i would let you help me but i know we cant fix this any way. I tried yesterday whole day and nothing works. I need access to admin router panel to make this work. And only our neighbours know the username and password.
  12. Making server public problem

    But yeah im pretty sure after my neighbours will port forward then it will work. We can close this theard.
  13. Making server public problem

    Oh i got you. Alright.
  14. Making server public problem

    Yea i tried port forwarding. I have 2 pcs, with main pc i cant do anything because i do not own the internet and i dont have access to router admin panel to port forward or even do anything. So i tested with my second PC which is connected to MY OWN wifi router. Okay i opened port and enabled unpn connection. So after that it says unpn was succesful and after that it says it seems that your game is not accessible for public.