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Not sure whether any of you have played games like Runescape Classic or Tibia, but in these, you are able to communicate with NPCs by typing directly into the general chat. In Tibia, this is accomplished by communicating directly with NPCs like you would other players, guided by possible dialogue options which are highlighted at some point in the NPCs conversation piece, like so:



I'm currently considering implementing something like this into my game Ruinic. This would be as opposed to the more standard dialogue system that you see in games like FF, WoW, etc.

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5 hours ago, Agoraphobic said:

It is definitely a unique design choice. The problem you will have to overcome is the screen looking so busy or just it being flooded with text message (A problem older games like that had).


Definitely. Perhaps this is solvable through the use of channels? You could have one just containing the dialogue between you and the NPC you're communicating with.


I think it just has a cool feel to it. There just seems to be something more interactive in chatting directly with NPCS in game

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2 minutes ago, jcsnider said:

In the case where the game wanted me to repond with one of a few specific options could I still click on them and have it auto populate/send the chat?  If so I'd be all for this system. Otherwise it seems like work :P


Murdoc just suggested this to me and I love the idea, so it totally would be part of the system :)

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