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WIP DBZ Renaissance

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tileset converting progress:



What to do after:


- second animation to complete water (between the water and the sand)

- convert cave tileset to dbz cave tileset

- fix graphics bugs

- change goku's house

- add other dbz log tiles

- change resources (trees, flowers...)



Edit: After few try i finally found a way to include sand's coner 


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I stop the development until i find a way to fix my portforwarding (which should already work cause my port is open...)


I would like to continue it even with the bogue cause i'm able to connect to the game but it fuck my quest's event so i can't fix them.



Now about the game progress:


I'm not happy with the saiyen saga. It miss way too many things. I was working on it when my server choose to start his strike.


This new update (alpha 1.5) will change many things such as:


- Nappa is now moving in the quest 17 (he will let a chance to the player to launch the kaioken before starting the fight) if the player dont take this oportunity the fight will begin.


- After Oozaru Vegeta has been defeat the unbuff animation will start, vegeta will call his ship and leave the Earth.


- Vegeta's ship will disappear of the map of the fight against Nappa when the player will have defeat Oozaru vegeta.


- Many fix 


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It's been a long time that i don't have posted here, so alot of news for you my friends:


Alpha 1.5: finished

Added a unbuff animation to Oozaru Vegeta after having beaten him

Vegeta's ship now go take Vegeta after having beaten him

Boss now use kikoha less often

Nappa no longer spawn on a other event



Alpha 1.8: finished

5 instance to fight boss alone

Halo appear after the player being killed

5 /command

Fix quest animation


Alpha 2: finished

Side-quest: find hazelnut for squirrel

Item page is now bigger

Fix translation to french

One dinosaur appear the night


Alpha 2.1: finished

Find chest around the game's world which will give one random item

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