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[Tutorial] How to configure the time in Skill Editor

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I recently noticed some doubts about the time in the skill system, so I decided to bring a small tutorial that can help new Intersect Engine users. 


The Spell Editor uses time in milliseconds, basically in the skills cooldown, duration of effects, etc.




Well, 1 second is equals to 1000 milliseconds, knowing this, let's set up the skill time.

The cast time of my skill will be 1.5 seconds, and the cooldown will be 1 minute. 

These times in milliseconds will look like this.




I also want my skill to stun the enemy for 4 seconds, so let's set this up. 

I'll set the effect to Stun, and the duration to 4000 ms = 4 seconds.




You can also set the HOT/DOT ticks in the same way.




That's all, my skill time has been set.

Remember that you can put the maximum time of 1 day, which is equal to 86.400.000 ms.


This is a small list of time in milliseconds:


1 second = 1000 ms

1 minute = 60000 ms

1 hour = 3600000 ms

1 day = 86400000 ms


If you want to convert your own values in milliseconds, I recommend this site: 



I hope this helps those who still do not understand very well about the time settings in Skill Editor.

Thanks all, if you have any questions comment below and I'll try to help you.

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Sorry for up but i dont know how work HOT/DOT if someone can help me... i woule like to creat some spell like ennemy burn something like tath for he took 4 dmg/s into 10 sec so 40 dmg ! 

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Thx ! It work, but, how i made for dont add effect for an simple heal regen ?

Most like there is a lot of ennemy and we got in group a "druid"'s like  :) thx again 

Edit : I found just put none my bad !

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On 10/5/2018 at 1:39 PM, jcsnider said:

HP Damage: 40

Tick: 1000ms

Stun/Effect duration: 10000ms

How do I heal over time without stunning them?

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