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"And what they expect is free ¬¬"


I create my own GUI's, so there are no expectations here. Let me give you some advice:

A GUI does not have to be overloaded to look really clean and nice. Just using colors (Not highly saturated) can look really good if executed well, without using any texture. Over-use of texture makes the GUI look cluttered. Avoid the use of bevel as it tends to look like bad. Do not use inner glow and bevel together, as they clash. If you are going to use inner glow, use a matching color to the texture but slightly brighter. If you are going to use textures, try limiting them to top bars, and not using them in every location. They look bad in the slot areas, and have a stretched look in the background areas. Try to be consistent with the layout. I noticed the slots on the spells look different than inventory, and the header bar for the character has a glow where the others do not. You have to consider why you're giving certain elements these effects, and not others. Effects should have a purpose, such as adding more depth or to have an element stand out more. Wood texture is alright, but is a bit cliche. I'd recommend getting some high-res textures of various styles, and experimenting with them. Lastly, try giving the elements an outline, which will help them stand out from the in-game graphics. Hope that helps.

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25 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Murdoc Bruh idk what half that shit means and I don't think he does either, like what's bevel and inner glow (I can guess that one). Gj on the advice though if he understands it xD


If he doesn't know, then there is a problem lol

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Thanks for the contribution, I think it could be a good option for someone who is looking for a different GUI and doesn't want to use the default Intersect engine style. Be careful with the arrogant comments and try to get the best of their "tips" to improve your work.

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