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  1. After an eventful weekend I'm happy to announce that I'm bringing the project into a limited Alpha release! I have a Discord channel set up with some basic things in place, but if any RP'ers would be interested in helping build a community/test things out send me a message on Discord! WobTBW#3744
  2. It may not be able to do much, but this is my process for updating the files/etc after a lot of fiddling with it in the last 24 hours. From what I've seen, even minor edits in config files can cause the updater to not work correctly (I ended up figuring out the below steps when I was changing a config file after packaging the update, and it didn't match with update.json) Set up your Host Directories: Create a new folder on the desktop/wherever and label it as your "pre base client" (But you can call it whatever you want) Once created, package your game in the editor via Tools > Package Update and save to that folder. This will be the directory files we'll be uploading. (Optional, but I typically remove the editor/character creator/etc. files since they aren't needed for players.) Upload your client files to your file host service. Once the files are uploaded and marked as publicly available, locate update.json and find/copy the URL path. We'll need this later. Check to make sure folder access permissions are open, and not encrypted/private/etc. On your computer, duplicate the pre base client folder made in step 2, naming the other copy "Update base client" or something else you can remember. We'll need it for the next steps. Prepare the first update: Open the editor (Very important before editing the config files.) Going back to your original client folders (Where you have your editor, etc.) navigate to your client directory > Resources > Config.json and edit the "UpdateUrl" line to the URL mentioned in previous step 4. Save and close the file. In the editor, package it via Tools > Package Update. Select the "Update Base Client" folder, select Yes when you see a prompt offering a differential update. Create a new folder, naming it "Base Client" and perform another package update to this folder. (This one should have the correct config files and can be distributed to players) In the "Update Base Client" folder we should just now have a new update.json file (And maybe some other tiny files) upload these to your file host and overwrite any files that it might be matching to. This ensures the json files are up to date, and are pointing in the right places for future updates. Launch the client (In the "Base Client" folder created in step 4) and see if it works! Post-Update Cleanup: Navigate back to your Client + Editor folder and remove the URL entered in the "UpdateUrl" from step 7 (This is so your editor won't accidently overwrite your changes from the updater version) You'll need to add this line back in when you are packaging other updates. Delete the "Pre-base client" folder, it's no longer needed after the initial setup process. I hope this helps! I'm sure it's a really dumb roundabout way of doing things, but hey it worked for me!
  3. I've been messing with using Amazon S3 for file hosting/updating and it's been pretty straightforward so far, although I've seen similar issues when individual files don't have permissions correctly set, or the update.json file isn't up to date/reading right. Have you been dumping the entire client folder into your host?
  4. Hey there! Just recently moved my server files to Intersect Hosting and running into issues connecting with the Admin Tool. Everything loaded correctly when it was all local, I've updated my connection settings and doublechecked that the API was still enabled, but it seems to crash once it finishes loading things and confirmed the auth token. Is there something I need to change on the server side to enable the connection? Edit: Running server Version
  5. Hello! I plan to go with Intersect Hosting for my game project itself, but I was reading on the forums that it does not support client updates at this time. Does anyone have any good suggestion for services that can easily offer this? My internet isn't the best, so I don't mind going with an outside hosting service for the files. Just looking for a better setup process that can be automated/downloaded directly in the client than trying to give everyone google drive links manually!
  6. Is anyone running into issues with \param ? I moved to beta and my common event that used it is no longer working (When the command is used it just displays the player name and nothing else)
  7. "Without much else to do besides explore, what will you do next?" FlintForge Deep is a planned ORPG focusing solely on roleplay, set within a large fictional Dwarven city filled with details, secrets and unique place settings perfect for any sort of RP session. It's inspired by old-school Roleplay from MMO's like World of Warcraft and Everquest, but with it's own setting, stories, and lore to learn and uncover as you play with friends. Development has been going on for a few weeks using the Intersect Engine! Story Features (Planned + Completed) Current Staff Screenshots/Content Upcoming Plans/Development Goals Why should you play?
  8. Looks like Windows 11 has made it a little harder, too. An easier way might to just create shortcuts and place the game client files in a deeper directory. I think those are easier to swap around than actual .exe files.
  9. I can't send private messages just yet, but thank you for all your help @Cheshire! I really appreciate your answers and attentiveness in the community! 

  10. Thank you! I had no idea, I'll have to check that out and start moving my maps/etc over 😊
  11. I'm 99% sure this is a source-edit type of thing, but is there any way to filter/separate out the chats? It looks like similar things have been done in other projects, and I was curious if anyone managed to figure it out. Ideally different tabs or windows for Local, World, Party, etc. Thanks!
  12. I haven't used it before, but there is an "on respawn" common event option? Maybe you could create a map the player is warped to and depending on the option they choose you could charge currency for it. Don't know how you'd handle the respawn-at-death location, though.
  13. Long ways to go on messing with the GUI elements, but really happy with the pixel art/vibe I've done so far! I forgot how much asset work you have to do in the beginning 😅
  14. Thanks! I'll have to mess around with this for sure. I was hoping there was a way I could have the normal text boxes alongside the larger ones, but ah well.
  15. I saw a visually similar effect was done by @Ainz Ooal Gown on their Journal/Tradeskill eventing system, but I was hoping to have some assistance on something hopefully easier. (Example of the system they where using) I'm looking to create a common event for random books that can be found in the world - Clicking on a bookshelf will have an event manually tied to it "Book 1" etc. and when opening, a large/full screen text window will appear to display text. Right now, the text windows in my client are on the smaller side, and I was wondering if there was a way to adjust it's size through a setting somewhere, or is there an event type for displaying text that I'm missing? Other than that I figured I could create images and have them display, but this might eat up into the size of the game files itself. Thank you!
  16. I've been working on custom pixel artwork for my project, and in order for my existing spritesheets to update I need to manually close and re-open the editor application for it to appear. This is fine, but is there any refresh function within the editor to reload existing elements?
  17. NEVERMIND! Haha, I am a fool and didn't realize you could combine up chat commands. Using \pn \param got exactly what I was looking for.
  18. Hello! This might be a super easy thing, but I've been playing around with the engine (and really enjoying it!) but had a question about setting up text emotes - In WoW (And other games) you can use a /e command to input an emote for a character, and the resulting text looking different in color/etc. So when typing it out, it would look like: /e giggles at your nonsense And in the chatbox, appears as: (Your name) giggles at your nonsense. I've figured out how to get the "/e" part with \pn commands in the event, but when typing out the rest of the message the common event seems to wipe it out. Is there a better way to do this? Thank you!
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