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  1. how can i reuse the database in 2 different server instances.
  2. That game is so hard to level up, TEAMOBI
  3. Hi everyone, I want to ask is it possible to disable windows menu, I want to launch windows client login. Thanks very much.
  4. i tried using intersect cms, but i get this error.
  5. I would like to ask, is there any way that players can recharge the game and get a corresponding item
  6. I'm new to this engine so I don't have any projects yet haha
  7. yes, i'm vietnamese haha. It's nice to know someone about my country
  8. can we make a system to recharge the game :v
  9. i'm on 0.7.xx but the current release build is 0.6.xx
  10. I want to change the icon of the game, how to do?
  11. hello everyone, i found 1 plugin folder in Server/resources/plugins of path. so what is this directory plugin used for?
  12. hey, hi everyone, i'm a newbie to Intersect Engine. i want to ask, is there any way i can convert all image resources (.png) to format (.xnb) which will still work when launching the game. Thanks for this crazy question :v
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