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  1. I wan creat map only for a player, party and guild. - Dungeon - Guild house...
  2. do i need to add StatsGiven[] in this line??? location (intersect.Server/Database/Item.cs) public virtual void Set(Item item) { ItemId = item.ItemId; Quantity = item.Quantity; BagId = item.BagId; Bag = item.Bag; for (var i = 0; i < (int) Stats.StatCount; i++) { StatBuffs[i] = item.StatBuffs[i]; } //My line---------------------------------- for (var i = 0; i < (int) Stats.StatCount; i++) { StatsGiven[i] = item.StatsGiven[i]; } ///--------------------------- }
  3. i don't know how to make VitalBuff[] and i'm also afraid it will cause error!
  4. Test StatAddAllocations[1] += 1000; PacketSender.SendChatMsg(this, StatAddAllocations[1].ToString(), ChatMessageType.Bank, Color.Yellow); work! but how to add value to character?? StatAddAllocations[0] is Damage StatAddAllocations[1] is Magicdamage
  5. I just realized that Stats Given[23] = 0, but Stats Buff[23] has a value in inter.sever/database/item.cs I have set but StatBuff[23] and [24] has value
  6. Now I delete the empty Migration file, is there any effect?
  7. thank u! it's work but how to know [vital] is Health or Mana, i want add StatsGiven[23] for Health and SG[24] for Mana
  8. i tried to Add-Migration new StatsPoint system but nothing happens I did "nofody". am i doing something wrong? thank you so much!
  9. Hello everyone. I want add new stats 23, 24 to HP and MP, but my code is bug Every time I die, the amount of max HP and MP is increased, i dont know why, pls help me!
  10. I was working normally when suddenly got this error. Please help me using .NET 4.6.1
  11. I want to disable PVP in the Normal area. But it seems the code that I used is not working. Thank you
  12. How to create an item or item with a limited time? tks
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