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GUI Questions



Hello, I have a couple of GUI questions. Firstly, I'm trying to edit the Inventory, spell book, etc. title colour but I can't seem to change it from the default white.


Also I was wondering where can I change the admin GUI art, I updated all the GUI art in resources. I even checked AdminWindow.json.



If anyone has any solutions I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

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I already changed MenuWindow.json but it didn't seem to affect the Inventory, spell book, etc. titles. I tried changing the title in InventoryWindow.json but no luck. It seems like changing  "TextColor": "0,255,255,255", has no affect.



  "Title": {
    "Bounds": "0,0,116,28",
    "Padding": "40,8,4,4",
    "AlignmentEdgeDistances": "0,0,0,0",
    "AlignmentTransform": "0,0",
    "Margin": "0,0,0,0",
    "RenderColor": "255,255,255,255",
    "Alignments": "",
    "DrawBackground": true,
    "MinimumSize": "1,1",
    "MaximumSize": "4096,4096",
    "Disabled": false,
    "Hidden": false,
    "RestrictToParent": false,
    "MouseInputEnabled": false,
    "HideToolTip": false,
    "ToolTipBackground": null,
    "ToolTipFont": null,
    "ToolTipTextColor": "",
    "BackgroundTemplate": null,
    "TextColor": "0,255,255,255",
    "HoveredTextColor": "",
    "ClickedTextColor": "",
    "DisabledTextColor": "255,132,126,135",
    "TextAlign": "Left, CenterV",
    "TextPadding": "0,0,0,0",
    "AutoSizeToContents": true,
    "Font": "alagard,12",
    "TextScale": 1.0


Thanks for replying though.

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