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  1. You made those logos aswell or just the ui?
  2. Wondering if anyone had this issue installing this mod on pre release: Also how can I add sprites to those 4 new directions that have been added? Any suggestions?
  3. I would like to add another attack animation to my project aswell, so when player attacks there is 3 animations and they cast randomly, so everytime you click attack its a different attack anumation. Anyone would like to help us with that?
  4. TileHeight should be 32 not 34, i just made a mistake when changing values in server/res/config
  5. yeah however its the original tileset, it used to work fine and now this is whats happening, very strange
  6. Hi everyone, I was just playing around with intersect and everything was fine until suddenly my autotile selection box have changed its size and now its overlapping on next tiles. Any ideas what could happen?
  7. Begging people for free gui :D

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    2. Oddly



      Here ya go, it's on the house.

    3. Hiai


      could you change the font please and it will be perfect :D

    4. Agoraphobic


      There are free and cheap UI graphic packs here: https://itch.io/game-assets/tag-user-interface

  8. How should i add it manually? open the .patch file in notepad and just manually replace the code in my source? or there is any simple path to follow?
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