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  1. updater question

    I got it working with having the resources folder just in the data folder, I believe you can remove the other one yes
  2. Incredibly easy /commands tutorial

    Nice tutorial, thanks Is there any way to target someone using a command, to change a player switch of them for example?
  3. Graphics Feedback on pixel art

    Wow I like them, I'm only a beginning beginner in pixelart so I might think something is nice too easily, but they look great imo, would use
  4. More slots and paperdolls

    Wow wait that's possible? I also thought it was just editing the order, not actually adding new ones.
  5. Updater crashes

    I just tried it and managed to update, register and login Seems to be working fine
  6. Does not appear that game accessible

    Yes, I also get that message but people can connect
  7. Block off certain slots when wearing specific item?

    Oh okay thanks for the fast response
  8. I was wondering if it was somehow possible to block off slots when you equip a certain item, for example I have robes that are a single item and I wouldn't want you to be able to still put on boots (which I use as leggings). Is this somehow possible? I'd prefer doing it this way because the robes need to look like one part, and if I need to split them up in legs and body I can't get it to look nice when you only wear one part
  9. JC's Game Launcher & Updater! (Easiest you'll find!)

    This is working well, thanks a lot