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  1. Live streaming again!


  2. Live streaming again!


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    Open Beta Veridian

    Presents: About: Veridian is a 2d online role playing game that takes you on an ever expanding adventure in a world known as "Veridian". Created by the 9 old gods who eventually left this universe to create others and left 2 Demi-gods in their wake. Valenessa and Dagan each having their own domain and powers. Valenessa is the goddess of life and all things good. Dagan is the god ofDEATH and all that is evil. Dagan is growing tired of Valenessa's race of humans and began an onslaught to the human world with his own army. Thus your adventure begins! Features: Sailing crafting housing seamless maps(Don't have loading screens all the time) Partysystem Friend system skill system fast pace battle system Paperdoll Items(Can see changes when you equipped new items) Random Events Pets Much more in the works... Media: Download Beta v1.0
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    I am live streaming development on Veridian!
  5. Veridian is in need of help with level designing: Veridian is an up and coming 2D ORPG set in a fantasy world. Filled with quests and choices that effect your out come. As we get farther and farther in development there is more and more to do that is why I am posting here. We need help with level designing so that I and my writer can focus more so on the story/quests and items.(I'll still help with level designing as well.) We have a discord so we can keep in contact and update one another on progress or just chat. For us it's about having fun making the game we always wanted to play and release it to everyone. Hoping one day to make some profits of course so we can keep working on the game. If your interested send me a message on here or discord(dxxknight). Thanks for your time! Also if you wish to see graphics or other info on the project here is our indiedb page: https://www.indiedb.com/games/veridian-the-first-age Trailer:
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    Hello, I'm willing to work with pleasure!

    I could definitely use some help from someone with your skills. If your interested! Me and my writer are very dedicated and you can join our discord so you can talk to us anytime.
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    Skill system: Finally finished my skill system for Veridian! I already have it implemented with Items/crafting stations. I aalways wanted a skill system because I love the idea of gaining experience in what the player puts work into. It creates a teamwork build community of players, Say you only like to fight and kill stuff well that's great and all but your going to need some good equipment that's where a player who likes to craft comes in. Ideas like that are what always made me want a skill system. I however did not follow the whole level 99 cap all other games with skill systems tend to follow. I am capping the skills at level 10. It will be a bit hard to get to level 10 though so you will still have to work for it but that gives the players something to do while waiting for new content and such. Thanks for your time and hope everyone is having a great holiday season so far!
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    DarkStory Online

    This does look really awesome keep up the good work!
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    Intersect Beta 5 Release Plans - Updated!

    I got this error when opening the napsack. I think I found another bug every time I craft the "good boots" it seems the server crashes. Then When I login after server crashes my character is locked in place until I logout which gives me another error. A small bug in the game with the fire sword it isn't 2 handed.
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    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Woot! I can't wait for this update! So many Ideas for Veridian just reading all the new features!
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    Update: -I have been updating a lot of little things in Veridian such as making houses/stores close down at night time, more NPC interactions and some cut scenes. -Also fixed a lot of bugs and continue to fix bugs as players report them. Basically have been building and fix upon what we have before moving forward with adding new areas. -Added more items to the game -Added more quests Veridian is changing and updating daily so come check out the discord channel. https://discord.gg/nKxJUm7
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    Oh okay I'll get that fixed asap. Thanks for the report!
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    For edit controls there is a little arrow on the top left its hard to see but that will take you back. For the axe the traveling merchant sells axes. That's weird that it just disappeared though.
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    Download Beta 1.0
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    Fishing and Enchanting! Veridian now has Fishing/Cooking and Enchanting! Players can now sit back and fish using the new item"Fishing Spear" which will allow you to fish in certain spots then cook your fish to make a hearty meal. Along with fishing, Enchanting has been added to make crafting more important so crafters can now enchant any "Basic" gear all the way up to +5 given that they have the needed enchanting stones. Also updated the Original Post to look nicer and include some more things!
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    Change the IP??

    Did you use the IP given to you by the server or the one given in IP config?
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    Random Events! Veridian now has a working Random Event system! While playing through Veridian Random Events can be triggered in any town/village/castle. Currently in Norn Faldir I have a chance for Rats,Dragons or a Giant Bug to invade so players will have to work together to take down what ever enemy maybe trying to destroy Norn Faldir!
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    Yeah I am actually! Instead of staffs like most games use for mages I am using spell books. In Veridian the way magic works is using incantations which is why I thought of spell books. There is a quest in the game where you actually recite in incantation to bring you into the spirit realm which I plan to use things like that a lot when dealing with "Magical" things inside of Veridian.
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    August 2018 Dev log Veridian has gone under some major changes this month from a new class system to lots of items plus some added extras! The New Class system! Veridian now has 3 classes (Warrior,Mage,Ranger) Each with strengths and weakness but can all play through Veridian solo or in a party. That being said there will be some events or bosses that may need a party to take down to enforce team work. New Items! Veridian now has a Dungeon and dragon's style item system with the ability to find either +1(Lower quality) to +5(Perfect quality) Versions of all equip able items! This add variety and an encouragement for those "Completest" or players that want that "Perfect" build your going to want to find the best quality of each of the items. Extras! I added a drinking event in the game triggered by drinking alcohol. It doesn't effect anything really besides message updates to how drunk your character is for role play purposes. I also added quest/event indicators above quest givers or certain events to help guide the players.
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    https://youtu.be/ms3Nb3sc9lk Veridian 2018 Trailer