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1 hour ago, Draken said:

well the game i want to make will be a mmorpg just not the normal type that people think of. You still gain levels  but you buy body parts which different parts upgrade different stats, also wanted to use like a scale model feature which will make the player larger and give more defense and hp so you could become a giant creature to murder other players. I had a lot of stuff planned for this and just seeing what you was doing I was thinking an eariler version might be possible to turn into this.


Also no quest system in it or npc editor needed. all npcs will just need to be randomized parts and thrown in the world and all them to hunt for food / level themselves up. i dont know just saw what you was doing and could see how it could be possible. I just don't code much now days it drives me insane.

MMXV 3D is built specifically for MMORPG's, it could work for your game, but I do not recommend using this for that style of game. A player model cannot be changed once it is created after character creation, you could trick the system, and make the character model empty, and use armor piece's to simulate a body instead, but there would be no animations. It would be easier to start from scratch, MMXV will add a lot of unnecessary additions to your game. It would be inefficient for your game. Though it is possible to make this style of game.

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