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  1. well the game i want to make will be a mmorpg just not the normal type that people think of. You still gain levels but you buy body parts which different parts upgrade different stats, also wanted to use like a scale model feature which will make the player larger and give more defense and hp so you could become a giant creature to murder other players. I had a lot of stuff planned for this and just seeing what you was doing I was thinking an eariler version might be possible to turn into this. Also no quest system in it or npc editor needed. all npcs will just need to be randomized parts and thrown in the world and all them to hunt for food / level themselves up. i dont know just saw what you was doing and could see how it could be possible. I just don't code much now days it drives me insane.
  2. Been looking at your 3d engine and was wondering if it might work for a project I've been wanting to start up again. I'm looking for an engine to make a 3d animal evolution game(how spore should have been) would not require to many features and would base the it more off the game from snes called E.V.O search for eden. Is your system using a random world gen or a height map or editor to raise / lower terrain?
  3. You don't have to use the graphics that come with the engine. People actually prefer if you make your own. And for your question about using models, you can always get a 3d model to sprite converter. I've used some of these before and they look nice, just have to buy them depending on animations / sprite size. And I was saying in order to protect your own graphics you will need to wait for the source code to be out so you can make it protect them. Until then anyone can edit the graphics.
  4. It is a 2d engine therefor it uses 2d graphics known as sprites which are just images. Using a model would make the engine a 3d engine. Graphic encryption is something you would need to add once the source is out to protect your images. They might add graphic encryption but I haven't heard anything about it.
  5. Concept

    all i'm doing is adding a canvas effect to my graphics and changing the hue and lightness to them. Seems to be working a lot better than I would have expected XD. Added Resource List to first post. about to finish graphic updates and then get back to mapping. Found a name that isnt used for some other zombie game / book / movie therefor I nabbed it for now. Zombie sprites / player sprite / water tiles graphic update preview And yes I have no pants on still only a leather vest Sewers Example
  6. Concept

    Well It's about time to start this topic. City Of The Brain Eatters is a modern zombie survival game created in the intersect engine. Players will be able to enter different buildings scavenge for loot and with the loot they will be able to create weapons and armor. There will only be 1 "safe area" in the world which will be the old police station. This area is now controlled by ex-police and what few survivors made it to this area. Even this area is not truly safe, Zombies can still enter the city if they happen to kill the guards off. The game will have a random ish world spawn(I will set up about 100 different spawn spots and you will randomly warp to one of these on spawn) I might also add a spawn at Police station button after you do a certain quest. Also debating about adding another controlled area at the hospital. I will be adding 2 main Drug dealers in the world which will have random prices on drugs, you will not be able to sell to them you must find a drug user to sell the drugs to. There are only 6 users in the world(might drop to less). You can not talk to the same drug dealer twice in a roll and you can not talk to the same drug user twice. (Meaning you must buy drugs from dealer A the sell to User A then you must buy from dealer B next, Dealer A will not sell to you, and You must sell to User . There will be 3 different craft houses you can used these are not located in any police camps and you will need to either clear them out yourself or get help to clear these out. I plan on also making a full sewer system under the city. Graphic Update screen shot Basic Map Idea Resources and general idea how to harvest what they will give. Crafting basic idea still need to add number of objects to it Drugs
  7. updating my graphics again. Old and New image  123.png

  8. lol people care more about the updates then the community I guess lol.
  9. Project goes back on hold due to needed source edits.

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    2. Draken


      Simple faction system, and a way to rename the word Spells to the word skills since most of my projects uses skill attacks instead of spells at all,magic just doesnt exists in the world.


      And by simple faction system I mean, you can say make a faction called Police, I want players who are not in the Police faction to be attacked on sight by police NPCS where if they are in the police faction they will not.


      I mean it's halfway already, it has the npc vs npc system in it already just need to make it so a player can be part of some npcs team and not others.


      Then I need to also figure out the proper way to use projectliles to make a gun which I think is just me screwing up in editor XD.

    3. jcsnider


      You can edit the client/editor/server language files to replace spells with skills. 


      Post source release you can easily add factions. I recommend that you press forward and just keep an excel sheet of which npcs need to be set to which faction when that feature becomes available. Don't go full halt on us :)

    4. Draken


      well with the experience I've had in the pass anytime I would update my game source edits after I already mapped / created most content would give me issues. IDK its just my personal way to game dev. Do source codes, Do graphics, Do other stuff. Source always comes first and always should to pervent mess ups later.

  10. Im so happy you said Draken correctly XD some say it as Dr-ack-in
  11. City of Illusion is now known as City Of The Mystic Shadows

  12. yep Ive seen a few botters / afk hold down ctrl players already lol. no admins online so cant really do anything. I'll start writing down names for ya. also wish i knew about the new sword world have went melee lol.
  13. yea it would be easy to make a bot for it. I thought about it but decided against it because where would the fun be lol.
  14. Installing as soon as my steam updates lol
  15. Holy hell. Been a long time man. Not sure if you know but we've just named a marsh in Life Forge after you haha. Good to see you around :D

    1. Draken


      LOL that's some funny stuff there XD. Guessing that is a project you are working on now?

    2. SkywardRiver


      rip I'll message you. Thought that was a message >.<