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  1. Thanks. It took me a while to make haha. I really like the art style low poly has and I plan on continuing to make it for my game I'll post more as I make them too.
  2. Let me know what you guys think of my first 3d model.
  3. I was wanting some people's opinions on what they would like to play. Would you rather play a RPG style game with a story and side quests or a survival game. I have ideas for both so just let me know
  4. evasion = dodge basically
  5. Ok so here is an updated version. Let me know what you guys think
  6. How do you recommend I handle the roads and the bottom corners? remove stuff from the right corner and move things closer in the left one? I'll make an updated one and post here here too.
  7. What can I do to improve my mapping skills? Any and all feedback is welcome
  8. Can you teach me how to map like that?!?!?
  9. I dont see anything talking about centering the character in the middle of the screen so i have to have a 3x3 map for the camera to do that?
  10. How can I make it so the camera is centered on the player at all times so that way he doesn't go behind stuff like his health and chat box?
  11. I dont have any maps on top. Just to the left. I guess i'll just make a map up there and make it something lol. Thanks though @Roy and @Draken
  12. So when I change the resolution in the game settings there is just a big black area. How do I get rid of that without having to create an empty map or something. Is there a way to make the current map move with the resolution or?
  13. Lol well hopefully it will be soon. I want to add my own features instead of having to wait and see if they will add them. Either way there are a ton of them already!
  14. @Draken Thanks. Any ideas on when they are planning on releasing the source?
  15. I can wait. I do have someone helping me out that has more programming experience than me so im sure he can do it when you guys release the source. Other than that, am i able to change the gui and stuff?
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